Monday, February 28, 2011

Al-Wakil @ BCCK

Akad Nikah was solemnized on 25th Feb 2011, Haniff & Nur Rafidah is now husband and wife. Decorations was so tastefully done and the reception was held at the grand Borneo Convention Centre on Sunday, 27.2.2011. Assigned as one of the Al-wakils (honored!), my job was to usher the VIPs to their seats. You wouldn't miss any of us (Al-wakils) as we're all donned in the same print! I love my new kurung :D

Haniff is Izan's first cousin. When Haniff's eldest brother got married (to Lizah), I was also 'appointed' as one of the Al-wakils to assist with the VIPs usherings. It's been quite a while since I last attended a wedding, been too too too busy with work... For us Malay Kuching people, the elderlies that I know here (in Kuching) have weekly wedding invites. Sometimes they have 2-3 invites to attend to in one morning. Before my in-law retired, he would attend 2-5 invites on each weekend! Often more than that... Now still they will be somewhere around Kuching attending a wedding or two on Sundays.

I love being at weddings (here in Kuching, yes yes! I love Kuching!!). There'll be a LOT of "Hi!! Long time no see you!" And now with the online camera phones, we'll take few pics and post on fb & twitter and friends would comment.. "Wah...! I've not seen her in ages, she's looking great!" :)


Mother of the groom, sweet Auntie Yam

Fellow Al-wakils, Sal's (Seri's close friend and apparently her third cousin!)
mom in brown tudong

Daughter Seri was my date, she came because her friend Sal came too

Seri & Sal
They first knew one another as good friends and found out few weeks ago that they actually have a blood relation. I'm happy that Sal is my niece :)
Yes, indeed, it's a very small world

Darling friend Sue sat at the VIP table with her husband

Romantic settings at the main table

Last minute touch ups.. little umbrella in each napkin

Sitting next to the stage to assist Izan with the distributing of Bunga Telor

Slide shows of the couple, touching :)

The groom's sister in-law, gorgeous Lizah

She wore the perfect outfit, elegant, unique & comfortable, which enabled her to perform her duties very well as the perfect Al-wakil, running!

The beautiful bride, Nur Rafidah

congrats newly weds!

Only managed to break in my new sandals on the day of the event! Comfortable but, I seldom wear heels this high so, it was just a little bit uncomfortable. I was on my feet from 8:45am till noon, walking back & forth from one end of the hall to the other. Nonetheless, it was a job well done :) 


Wan Sharif said...

Penat loh..

VIVIAN said...

wow! BCCK gik ya...nang grand!!

Coffee Girl said...

Nice sandal! and have I told u that Seri is very pretty? takes after her mother I see. kac na wedding ya oo... mesti mahal jak rupa...

oon said...

haih, ada related juak lah kita tek, kazen kamek nikah ya. mak kamek pun ada juak jadi al wakil hehehe

Ida Athanazir said...

Coffee Girl, tq... kembang nak pecah itong seri :p

Grand & mahal, rasa rasanya lah Viv!

Actually, kmk bukan cousin dak nya, just close friend.

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