Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Spare Some Curi Time

I don't think it's called my spare time, I have a better description.. 'Curi Time'. Yup! Time isn't really mine these days, if I do want a 'me time', I'll have to steal some. Well, it's not really that bad.. I mean, being a wife and a working (full time) mother to four children with no help at home is just one of those ordinary things, really. No one forced you to take up these responsibilities but yourself. Now, don't start blaming the time for no being kind to you. You'll just have to learn to manage things better to make room for some 'curi time' for yourself.

Blogging is addictive. Once you start, you better be ready to face the challenges that comes with it. First, you would WANT and insist to own a camera. In my case, I rely on my Blackberry Curve8900, it captures awesome images!! Trust me!

urrrmm... before we go to number 2; You Would Want To Do The Next Post Because The Last Time You Update Your Blog Was 3 Day Ago (that confirms that you are addictive to blogging).

Secondly, you'll start thinking what/how to blog with the photos you've just taken. For me, I'll think first before snapping pics.. I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to overload my phones with hundreds of photos that I'm gonna have a hard time deleting, for instance, my kids' photos. And the photos that are actually useless and giving you pressure because storing them will make you go nuts in months to come because when it's time to 'clear' your phone, deleting hundreds of pics could only be done while you're sitting on the toilet bowl -.-'

Thirdly, you have ideas running in you head now. But a computer is not available, assuming you're sharing with your family members. Or, you DO have your own notebook, but free time to blog is not actually at your convenience because being stuck on the computer while everyone else is around seems rude and selfish... okay, leave the computer. 

And that is why spare time becomes 'curi time'. PURE PRESSURE! hahaaa.. so funny! Why the pressure? Because you're itching to do a post and those ideas just keep knocking from inside your skull to be released & published. 

Oh my..! But, please, find something else to do. If you ask me, I'll watch a movie or read a magazine.. Read a book?? I seldom do that these days... Hahaahaa!! Then again, you'll be itching even more after you do these things (watching movies & reading) because you would want to blog about that oh-so-entertaining movie and silly advices you've just read in the magazines :D

......... here I go!

I had few days off last week, so I went to the usual place where I got some movies for our spare time. [spare time is for US all -note] I watched the interesting Inception, the insightful Eat Pray Love and the funny The Tourist. Rabbit Hole would have to wait because I'm not in the mood for any depressing movie right now (or anything depressing for that matter). 

*Here's one little tip I'd like to share with my fellow Kuchingians :))*

Whenever I have the chance to drop by at the Satok Sunday Market on Sunday mornings, I will swing by at the magazine vendor to see if they have my favorite (ripped cover)  magazines on sale. I stumbled upon four mags last Sunday and they only cost me RM17 instead of the usual.. *counting..* RM70!! OMG! I didn't realize I saved so much..?! But, but.., they are the back issues. Not so BACK now y'all...... Only about couple of months back. Well, I still think they're great bargains and you should check the place out!

It's located right in front of the Satok Choice Food (only on Sunday morning), popular local magazines are also available at half the price :) *but I'm enjoying hundred percent of the content* HAPPY!!

You see, I don't buy my favorite magazines monthly because they really cost. Only sometimes I do, but with the existing of the little magazine vendor at sunday market, it has made my life happier ;)


kallyempire said...

=) I'm addicted to magazine since last few weeks my colleague brought some to my office omg...waste so much money on buy mag XDD

Ida Athanazir said...

hahaa.. that is gonna tough to break. I know how that feels! U'r in a phase now, you'll get out of it but you have to tell yourself u can't be spending too much money on papers! :)

Anonymous said...

I love blogging!!!

Wan Sharif said...

No it can not be curi time.. you make time .. to do what you need/want to do..
have a nice day and stay beautiful will ya..

DrSam said...

I don't mind to read back issue magazines...they are entertaining as much as the current ones...the best part, it is quite reasonable too!

Ida Athanazir said...

Wan.. tq for the advice :) I will remember that.

Doc.. u'r right! I still go through my 10 year magazines in fact ;D

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