Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spare Me The Smirky Face!

Drums to welcome the VVIPs

The Chinese Orchestra students doing their setting up

Fine tuning, testing each and every instrument

In whatever we do, teamwork, KERJASAMA, is the most important thing. No teamwork during child labor is crucial (contohhh..). I need my husband there to give me support, literally... by letting me squeeze his arm till it turned blue was very, comforting, I must say. Or when you need to chauffeur your children around requires a great deal of teamwork between husbands and wives, sisters/sisters in-law; Which is most important because if there is no coordination among us adults,  the children become victims or our lack of proper communication.

It was another one of those weekends, back to back events. Working round the clock is nothing to me these days. But without good coordination, cooperation and teamwork among colleagues, things can really turn ugly. Alhamdulillah, every single thing went as planned. Syukor...

We organized a CNY Prosperity Concert last Saturday night at the Kuching Waterfront and it was filled with Chinese Orchestra & 24 Drums performances by students from Chung Hua Middle School No. 1 and a team of Dragon/Lion dancers entertaining us with a mesmerizing colouring show. They showed great cooperations and supports among themselves, most adults don't posses this positive attitude. We should emulate these students. 

Come dragon, let's smile for the cameras!

*now now.. don't chew my head ya??*

They look prettier than the Sarawak Crocodile! :p

Feeding the dragon (??!)

On Sunday, we had two consecutive contests that was organized in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration; Floral Arrangement & CNY Kids Singing Contest, I was most delighted when four of the Floral Arrangement participants agreed to donate their creations to raise funds for the Sarawak Children Cancer Society. We sold all four Floral Creations and collected RM450! The Chung Hua Arts Association also donated their precious calligraphy artwork and managed to raise more than RM200 that day. It was a very prosperity weekend indeed :)

91 year old Mr Teo, demonstrating his Calligraphy artwork

Judging was not easy. Thank god there were only 8 tables!

The winning creation

CNY Kids Singing Contest winner

With all the participants of the CNY Kids Singing Contest

I thought I looked so mismatched. Was rushing out the door that morning and didn't realize the colours were off  '___'

So, I had sayang sent me the gray cardigan :)

KERJASAMA, if you're not ready, if you're not sincere, if you don't (actually) like your 'friend', if you're envious of their success, if you're telling the others not to join the sub-committee... better go on home, ya? Buy yourself some huge prawns and cook some buttered prawn for dinner tonight. Go make yourself happy.

And don't come to me and TELL me what to do! "Don't! Not need join lah. You are busy, tell them you have things to do. Let them find other people.

Please, save your backstabbing for someone else. That was why I didn't stay long. I couldn't stand the incitement, gossips among themselves and the pretendings to be as ONE.  It was  a very unhealthy surrounding and the atmosphere was filled with negativities! Arrgghhh!! I was afraid I'd be one of them! Tak nakkkkk!!!!!

I will do as I please. As I choose. Not that no one can tell me what to do, just don't try to talk to me into becoming one of YOU. I mean, what's your purpose for being there in the first place? Facing front, you give the biggest smile (smirky smile, to my opinion) but when you turn around, you start rolling your eyes and make ugly pouts. Oh puhhh-leezzz! Spare me, please. Urggghh... it's making me sick just thinking about it.. Bad bad influence, very bad, very ugly. *pouting* :p

Pretending to be nice, and hope to gain something from the 'big' people is a real waste of time. If you do it wholly for this purpose, lots of times you will suffer from disappointments. Eventually you become, black hearted, then your face turns black (???!). Go buy yourself Olay White Radiance Cellucent lah! 

Haha.. what does the Olay whitening cream has to do with this?? Hmm... I'm guessing maybe it could help you with your 'black' face? Well now, a radiant face starts with a 'clean' heart. You can cover the 'blackness' on your face with as much makeup as you like but that ugliness from your heart shines right through you. 

Anyways, I know who my real friends are. They know who they are. They are there for me, with me... no matter what. I can just call them for favors, and they don't just call me because they need something. We don't spend as much time together, but we understand our hearts very well. So, I will give my very precious spare time for these friends, because they would do the same for me. And they definitely don't try to 'win' me by making ugly remarks on another friend. If I asked, they will offer advice. If I don't, we'll  just talk about the weather (when bumping into one another at the car park), the food we're enjoying (when we have extra time) and the guy they're drolling over... 


KEN said...

"Pretending to be nice, and hope to gain something from the 'big' people is a real waste of time."

ps: totally agree with you Kak Ida, i hv bunch of this type of ppl around and it sicken me..huhu

Anonymous said...

I didn't know, would have gone and watch the dragon dance.

Wan Sharif said...

Go ahead... do what you have to do (as long as you are clear with your conscience) and enjoy yourself while you are at it..
Do not let them destroy a minute of your day.. they are not worth it..

Tiq said...

paling penting kitak tauk who your real friends are. cheers kak ! hehee keep that happy thoughts ok

Akoo said...

I wonder who...!!!

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