Monday, January 3, 2011

Responsibilities Baby!

I love his hair.. Seri gives good cut, always!

"bye Ma.." no tears, just huge smile on his face when we left him :D

My (baby) son Arman starts his first day of Primary school today, and me & my hubby are taking a couple of days off from work to coordinate the kids' timing. Gonna be tough this year as the three of them have different timings all together. Hani is in the afternoon session and she has to be in school by 12:30pm, so she needs to be fetched from home by noon.. Then, Arman's class ends at 12:15pm whilst Seri's ends at 12:40pm. These days, our 'lunch' break don't mean 'eating time' anymore, it means chauffeuring the kids from home to school and, vice versa. We don't really have much spare time during the week.. I have not mentioned tuition classes, have I?? Well ya, you get the idea... 

Sounds very stressful, ain't it? No choice, it is my responsibility and this is the life I choose but, I'm so used to it by now. Been doing it for years and years and there's nothing more rewarding than seeing your kids enter the higher institutions pursuing their Diplomas/Degrees after doing well in their secondary school's major exams. Giving your full support is what they need.. Stressful?? Not really if you are very committed in providing the best for your own off springs. 

from left, Hani, Seri, me, little Arman & Ayu
(photo was taken when Arman was only 1 day old)

We drove my eldest daughter Ayu to UITM Kota Semarahan early yesterday morning, she's starting her second semester today. I can't say enough, but I am so proud of my Ayu! She loves it there and was very excited to start the semester. She did very well last year, so happy for her :D InsyaAllah, she will do fine.

To new parents out there, be sure you start saving up your money. It's not easy but, children are full with blessings. God is great, He gives to the ones who are always grateful & patient, meaning not just be thankful for the happy times. Bad times are trying times, be grateful for the hard times as at moments like these that we are taught to be better providers to our families. Hard times make us realize that bringing up a family is no funny business. You cannot be the person that you once were, a single lady/man who makes plans at 8am on Friday morning for what movie to watch on Friday night. 

And in good times, be sure to teach your children the value of their parents' hard earnings. Let them know if they break their cell phones, they can't expect to have a new phone by the flick of a finger. Trends are always changing but money don't grow on mom's backyard (lalang banyaklah!). You want to have more stuffs?? Tell them to grow their own veges at the backyard and sell them to the neighbors for the much needed (phone) credits reload. Seriously. But honey, I don't expect you to treat your kids like I treated my Seri, poor thing.. Yeah, she went to school today with her 10 year old Nike school bag :]

And new mommies, BREAST FEED your babies. You are gonna be so thankful that you did. I did for 16 years, non stop.. I said that before. Well, just to remind you all! You will be saving a whole load of money and the only thing I can say about breast feeding is, it's THE BEST. For your child and you. Don't ask me how I'm able to maintain looking youthful (so I've been told)... Urrmmm.. bukan nak puji angkat bakul. Really you guys, breast feeding not only does wonders for your baby, it helps mommies improves (effortless) blood circulation that promotes continuous good health throughout your system. Thus, giving you clear &  youthful skin. Not to mention hot looking figure!

Nothing else is better than the natural breast milk, one of God's greatest creations. Some mommies I know think that it's a  bit 'troublesome', as they are not 'free' to do the things they want to do at their own time. 

"How..?? Baby 'hanging' on you like 24/7!" *huh, jangan bulak. nei ada 24/7 :p*

Well, if you could just be patient for at least 6 month (or a year.. hmm 2 years is good), you'll thank your own body in years to come. 

I'm done for now (I think). No babies, for now... I don't know, not sure. But, but, I am grateful and happy with the number of kids that I have now. They are my angels, my life, my responsibilities. Hmmm.. this blog is my baby too and yeah, my hubby is my biggest baby, by far :D

Till next post, enjoy the rest of your week ;)

Ayu in her new room at UITM

Ayu's study table, after settling in

"You're taking my old gray t-shirt with you??" me
"Yes Ma.. It's so comfortable.." Ayu
"..............." me


Mrs Graig_Kenny said...

Gosh!! Kak Ida, you look so young!! You are more 'sister' to Ayu ^_^

Ida Athanazir said...

dear Mrs Graig Kenny, THANK YOU!! cheers :)

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