Friday, January 7, 2011

The Other Twin

Huge coincidence! I mean, how weird can it get? Ya.. they say because you are twins, you think alike. Some think it's normal & quite ordinary but when I bumped into my twin sister at Parkson while shopping for my kids' school uniforms few weeks ago, I laughed so hard I couldn't say anything for two minutes.

Ina wanted to get the same Byford t-shirt when she saw me wearing it few months ago, obviously we have the same taste in clothes. Our ideas of comfort and style is very basic, except Ina seems to have a bit extra time to switch from wearing studs to hoops (earrings) and back to studs. 

Ina is the one on the left... or did you think otherwise?

Just look at us.. our kids were also stunned! Same top, with same coloured pants. I just had to ask Ayu to snap a few photos of us while I was still hurting from laughing too hard. It was just so funny, what are the odds bumping into your twin (well.. not often because twins are rare) with the two of you wearing the same top?! Onlookers had to turn twice to see if they are actually seeing double or there were in fact two persons :D

When you are already adults, even your mom can't MAKE you wear the same outfits anymore, like we did when we're little. I used to pick the colour blue and Ina always preferred red. 

One old story; my maternal grandmother fed Ina twice (which she didn't resist the second bottle!) and I was left crying from hunger. Mom was wondering what was wrong with me and my grandma insisted she fed both babies :)) I don't have twin kids myself, I'm just wondering how my mom managed to tell the difference. I mean, did I have bigger forehead? Or maybe the other twin is more active and bubblier..? Has she ever even once mistaken me for Ina, or.. 

*gulp* OMG! Could it be I am actually THE OTHER TWIN?? O_O

... Hhhmmmm, I'll never know now, will I? ;)

I honestly do not know which one is me


Lemonade said...

i'm seeing double..:D

Ida Athanazir said...

Lemonade.. can you imagine me looking at 'myself'?? I'm seeing double too ;)

Chii said...

You have a twin! I'm so jealous :)

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