Friday, January 28, 2011

Necessities, And What Not

What brand do you use?? For me, I use whatever that is not too expensive. Then again, I only use panty liners at the end of my period days, not everyday. For my heavy flow days, Kotex Overnight is very reliable. And after few days, when the flow is less heavy, I'll opt for the cheaper Laurier. I've always been using Laurier, till my daughters introduced me to Kotex. Not that I didn't know it existed, it was to my opinion, was slightly on the expensive side. 

Imagine having 3 young women (and plus myself, that'd be four.. except that I'm not young anymore) who need the supply of sanitary pads the whole year round! This necessity is not something that you can budget budget, No No. But, I try to educate my girls that we don't always have to use the expensive labels (because it IS good) for better protection. A friend once told me when she was in boarding school, most of them used the kain batik (cut into small squares) which they washed (and reused) each time after use. To some, sanitary pads are pure luxury and to these students (of low income family), there're no other choice to go about the monthly cycle. But, they managed. And was well protected :)

A friend sent a message to my FB inbox moments ago.. she wants four cheesecakes for Chinese New Year! **GuLp** *must find time to bake* Hmmm... cool, that'd be extra income. Yeayyy!! Let's see.. what can I splurge on?? Wahh..!! As IF! Not the time to shop now. Right now I'm thinking I've to save up for Seri's notebook next year. Hopefully, InsyaAllah, she too will join her sister Ayu at the University. 

Speaking of FB, Yup! They came to audit our computers, standard procedures. From what I understand, certain companies/organizations blocked their staff from using the popular social network FB. Hmm... How to block me from using FB?? My GM instructed me to create FB page for our activities. So, I am ALWAYS on FB, urmm... but not on Farmville or Cafeworld or whatever games you have on FB. I make full use of the social network to promote our events. Not to play games, really. And of course, to stay in touch with family & friends. A blog was also created to showcase our fun activities & events, which I maintain. Wohh...! Tough job y'all!! *wink*

Well, I've a little story..... porettttttt

A friend told me she got fed-up with another friend's FB status that she deleted her from her FB friends list. That's deep.

"That woman has no life! I got sick of her constant.. 
'to salon' 
'doing nails' 
'yoga, then salon' 
'pedicure.. then salon' 
'salon, shopping, later pilate..' 

... so, the owner of these status was deleted from my friend's FB friends list because my friend got sick, tired and annoyed by the boring-life status. You must be thinking my friend is jealous of the oh-so-pampered-lifestyle status. Actually no, she wasn't. She was just fed-up with her friend's attitude who doesn't know how to value her husband's hard earnings and making it a necessity to visit the salon few times a week. The husband is not a millionaire, nor he is a wealthy businessman. Yes, her in-laws are wealthy and the husband holds a high post working for a giant local organization, but my friend is simply fed-up with the ungrateful attitude.

I understand my friend's 'concern'. I mean, a trip to the salon may cost only RM20 for a wash and blow but, visiting the salon every other day makes you a very high maintenance stay-at-home mom. *calculating*... That's 15daysxRM20= RM300!! Minimum. And what about hair treatment... the yoga classes, shopping... Well then, what right do we have to kepo about how another woman spends the husband's money? 

My opinion, if I have millions in my bank account, I will wash my own hair, most days of the month. Maybe I'll visit the salon once a week or every fortnight. *berangan* But, I wouldn't make it a necessity to visit the salon every time when I need to clean my scalp.. ehemmm.

oh my blog! this looks so nyamannn... I want

enjoying a free pampering

It was fun though.. I know a lot of women enjoy this pampering. I would also love to develop this routine, a great way to destress and relax. But, I'd rather spend my money on a pair of shoes, or a trip to McD with the kids. Don't know why.. for me, if I can get my hair cleaned myself, I wouldn't spend my money on hair wash, 3-4 times a week! Unless.. again, if I am filthy rich. Who can stop me? hahaa... my blog! My blog will stop me!! I'd rather do my blog than sit at the salon for 45minutes staring at myself in the mirror :D

*hair wash with good massages would be good for this headache right now*


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Anonymous said...

Hi kak, saya pengguna laurier yang setia. Dari zaman sekolah dulu, sekarang dah upgrade sukit ke whishper. Hapy hapy selalu kak :>

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