Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lemon Skin Deep


Oh my..! Would you look at that?? How could anyone miss this super hot giant poster? I almost walked into the mall's pillar..! *droolinggg..* Eva Mendes is simply beautiful. Sexy, so darn sexy! She has such gorgeous curves, her skin... maok cakap apa lagi dah?? And a body to die for :)

I'm thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have photos or myself taken in such manner... Nope! Bad idea. No no..

you missed it?? are you blind?? 
it's huge, how could you missed it?!

I have eight cheesecakes that I have to get done by Sunday for Chinese New Year orders. Between work and bakings, I'm not gonna miss out on taking my kids out window shopping or stop for ice creams. My feet were killing me (from standing from morning till late afternoon baking on Saturday) but for family outings & fun, I wouldn't mind walking on glass... hee heee.. 

cake no 1

lemon in microwave

While baking, I did the laundry at the same time. No tv, no computer... A colleague shared a simple home remedy for dirty collars the other day. She said, the bathing soap actually cleans stained collars better and faster than ordinary laundry detergent. She's right! And less effort is needed when you use the soap. Awesome tip!

Sometimes I use lemon juice for my cakes, sometime I don't. The ones I bought for this batch of cakes weren't as juicy as I hoped they would be. Squeezing was agonizing!! Then I remember a simple way to juice-out a stubborn lemon. Pop it inside the microwave and 'cook' for about 15 seconds.

I explained what I did with the lemon & microwave to my twin sis, her response was, "Wouldn't the lemon explode??"


There, there.. Guys, she is smarter than that.. Ignore her. Just that she does not use microwave that often. And speaking of microwave and lemon, how do you clean your microwave?? Some of us experience having a smelly microwave, no? Well, what you do.. Fill a glass bowl with tap water and squeeze the juice of one lemon inside the bowl. Place the bowl inside your microwave, and 'cook' for about 3-5 minutes. Don't open the door yet! Let the steam 'work' its way inside your microwave for about 10 minutes. Open, and wipe to dry. And you will find your microwave smells like fresh lemon. If you don't have lemon, you can also add half a teaspoon of liquid dishwasher inside the water filled bowl. Cook, and walla!!

The new Olay whitening & anti-ageing creams are getting thumbs up from me! (who am I to give..?? Just an ordinary working mom, aehhh??!) :P

Weeks ago my sisters were commenting on how dull and dry was skin was looking. But last night Ina was all smiles & giving me the positive comments. *I trust my sisters' comments, hard to accept at times when they're negative, but my sisters are honest & I do listen to them*

"Hmm.. I see that you've been cutting back on coffee..." Ina swayed her head left & right with her eyes scanning my face. I didn't exactly say YES, because, urrrmm... sometimes... I take more than one cup of coffee, in a day. *sshhhhh...! don't tell her I said that* My sisters thought the coffee is drying me out, which is true, unfortunately for me, a coffee lover :/

Yup! The creams must be working!! Even my mother in-law noticed the difference. Two days ago she told me my skin looks more moist and clear! I recommended that she should try the Regenerist Micro-sculpting cream, it's perfect for her age. And lemon! Guys...! Drink some, okay? Squeeze lemon juice in a cup of warm water, drink everyday. That's a good natural and easy way to keep skin looking healthy! (and minus coffee please)

So, I thought, I must tell Ina the truth... It's not exactly the cutting-back-on-coffee thats making my skin looking clear & not dry. (Ehemmm... I do control my coffee intake; noted, tq) 

It is the Olay magical creams doing their work on me. Ina too is an Olay devotee, "You should try it sis! Just a little bit pricey than the usual Olay White Radiance, but LOOK!! *pointing at my face*. We're getting old, we need extra help to look young, again." I said admitting the truth to my twin sis. 

And what? Dreaming to look like hottie Eva Mendes?? Can what??! ;)

Dream lahh... 


Coffee Girl said...

Eva Mendes is my kinda woman. Who's the lucky guy? Hehe. Oh... and try using lemon for moisturiser... very very good. although it will initially sting a little.

AmirFX said...

Wasehhh.. Tang nyaman jak ciscake ya kak... Kawan kmk busy juak molah ciscake time tok untuk order kawan cina nya...

Neng said...

Tontu sodap kek tuh! Huhuhu. Nak satu. ;)

n i e z a said...

kmk suka juak poster ya & ada hasrat juak begambar camya tp kenak nunggu body kacak camya lok la. :p

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