Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I heart Borneo

Oh my blog! Give me the reason why not to SHARE??!

I heart Borneo is a movement powered by a fantastic group of Malaysians who share the love for Borneo. This platform was created for people to share their stories, fascinations & adventures to show why there are so many reasons to love Borneo. It's especially for people who truly heart Borneo :)

What I love most about this community-driven initiative is they're here to promote unity between East & West Malaysians. Bringing people from both sides of the ocean closer together in unity through the love for Borneo, which is simply awesome! 

No, Borneo isn't just about the beautiful seasides and its wonderful warm people. Deep in the heart of the Island is a lost world of mountains, ravines & jungles. Sadly, it's disappearing fast. By supporting this movement we can help raise awareness to preserve the extraordinary nature & habitat of the land of Borneo, where we were born.

If you'd like to participate in sharing your love for Borneo, go to #iheartborneo and tweet your heart away. And don't forget to show your support for this movement by giving them a thumbs up here :)

Borneo Love heart I heart Borneo! Thank you I heart Borneo for sharing the love ;)

Borneo Love's hubby reached the tip of Borneo, Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, Sabah,
in July 2010

The tip of Borneo

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