Thursday, January 6, 2011

Health Concerns

My General Screening Test result 

I've been wanting to do this for a long time except that my monthly budget was always fully utilized for other more important things. But last month I was informed by our HR department that there is some balance in my outpatient medical treatment facility, which is provided by the company for all of us employees. If I didn't use it, they wouldn't bring forward the balance to 2011. How to use it?? Well then, you don't want to purposely get sick just to fully utilize the facilities, now do you? 

I had a better idea, I made an appointment with one of our panel doctors and scheduled a general blood screening. Wanted to know what does my blood has to say about my body... 

I totally forgot to take photos when the doctor inserted the JumBo (hee hee.. not that big lohh!) needle into my vein. I was looking the other way and close shut both my eyes! Hate needles!!

But it had to be done, no choice, couldn't wait anymore. Cannot delay no more... So I went last week, just wanted to get it over and done with. Lately, my concern over health issues has been increasing. Receiving news about family members & friends around me who're struck with all kinds of illnesses are making me more apprehensive concerning my own health. I'm going to be 40 (arrhhhhgg??? *double gulp!*) soon. Not growing any younger now, you hear?? ^heard you loud and clear!!^

So are our health, we don't get any healthier as we grow older and there is no short cut to good health. Therefore, I'd like to know what I'm facing and hopefully to get the doctor's advice while at it, for free!! ;) Yup! It is free, that is one perk that has helped me & my family the past year. Medicines & doctors' consultants are not cheap my friend! With that, I am forever grateful for the job that I have now that gives me this benefit. 

Guess I'll have to stay away from my favorite breakfast from now on. An egg a week wouldn't hurt, would it?

I went back to the clinic a few days later to get my blood test result. Alhamdulillah, ALL clear :) Cholesterol ok, sugar ok, cancer marker tests ok, liver ok... "Everything is clear Ida." Doc said.

"Really??" Wohhh... So relieved. 

"But u do need to watch your cholesterol intake, your bad cholesterol is a litttttlllee bit on a high side. But you are okay, don't worry... Egg yolk contains very high cholesterol, so watch it will ya??" Doc warned me.

Still a bit blur, I asked, "So what does that mean?" *idiot! means cut back on cholesterol lah!!*

Anything coming out from the doctors mouth at this juncture seemed negative. I am not a health freak, I eat what I like but, in portions. I watch my weight but I don't get too self conscious. Fish is my favorite but meat can be very tempting :) One thing for sure, I don't get as much veges/fibers as I should.

Recently I discovered that I'm allergic to nuts.. Ground 'Ngan Yin' peanut is my favorite but a handful of it would cause my body to ache like 6 hours later, it would give me trouble sleeping. And I also come to realize that coconut milk makes my body go all nutty almost instantly. My neck would begin to feel all stiff then, I'd suffer annoying headache all day. *sigh.. oh laksa sarawak :/*

Well then, so much for comfort food.. I guess I'll stick to celery sticks then. And more fish. Alhamdulillah, I'm healthy. Thanks doc!! 


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Yes. It's good to do that. I did my blood test at gribbles too and they gave me a card which tells me about my blood tyoe. I'm sure you got it also right.

If your company can pay for it, i suggest you do it once a year.

Happy new year Ida.

Cubic said...

If you require an exacting way to lose weight, such as controlling your intake of calories, fat or carbohydrates, you be supposed to converse to your doctor to make a decision if a calorie-controlled diet would be right for you.

Ida Athanazir said...

I'm rereading the post.. so much error! guess i should do a brain scan as well

Ida Athanazir said...

Willie, happy new year to you too:)

yes, in fact i do have the card and stated clearly my blood type.

Cubic, thanx a bunch for the info. Really appreciate it! :D

TimmyLicious said...

i use to have allergies for seafood. but those days, i just eat it without worrying i have to scratch my body later.

After a few years, my body is not allergic to seafood anymore. or maybe because my body hormone change making me not allergic to seafood anymore. hehehe.

Ida Athanazir said...

Timmy, I don't have rashes, my allergy is in a form of body aches. I didn't have these kind of problems before, maybe it's my age. I am getting older.. :p

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