Thursday, January 20, 2011

Classmates & Drama

Top ~ Linea @ Parkson
Pants ~ The Excutive @ Parkson too!! :)

my 12 year old shirt

When I saw this shirt hanging in the departmental store, I just had to have it. It really cost (around RM90), but I fell in love with it the moment I laid my eyes on the vibrant colours & simple chic design. True enough, pricey clothes last much longer, not all but most of them. 

I've had this shirt ever since I was pregnant with Hani, if not, longer! Yup, it's a 12 or 13 year old shirt. Abang must take a shot of me in it, it has really been a long time since I last worn it. Honestly, can't remember when. But what I know is, I couldn't wear the shirt without tucking it in my pants because it has a huge tear at the bottom left side. So, these pants were perfect to 'hide' the flaw :) Sayang if I just put it away.. Must find a way how to wear it again. 

with Anieta

Speaking of old.. hmmm.. we were?? Hee hee.. Well, 10 years sounds ancient to me. Can still remember the day I purchased the Linea shirt, but 20 years??! Anieta still looks how she looked back in school 20 years ago. Just slightly aged, but still gorgeous as ever. 

She's my senior Girl Guide, we went to the same secondary school. My impression when I think of her during our school days was, smart & beautiful. No, we didn't hang out together, we weren't close at all but we went hiking & camping at rumah panjang together. Of course, she had her own group of friends & I had my own.

I heard my colleague mentioned her name, that she's working in the same building when I started working where I am now about almost a year ago, but I wasn't sure that it IS the Anieta P, one of my high school seniors. Then one morning, we had a press conference with the Chairman on the floor where Anieta is working. I was waiting for the press to arrive when Anieta came around. I said 'hi' to her and asked if she remembered me. She said I looked very familiar and with her gorgeous brown eyes looking rounder she exclaimed, "Yes! You have a twin...!"

Too busy attending guests arriving for the press conference, it was impossible for the two of us to catch up on the past 20 years!! Yowzerrrrssss!! 20 years.. my my oh my..... 

"Nieta! I will stop by your office before I leave. We must take photo together." I beamed at her. "Sure sure! I see you later then." Nieta said with her beautiful smile.

We had someone took few shots of us two and she gave me her number & email address. Well, we might be working in the same building but I'm sure we're only lucky to see one another if we happen to bump inside the elevator or the food stall :) Time flies... *remembering school days, with my hair tide high up in pony tail like the Japanese Warrior!.. with bangs*

My x-classmates and I organized some mini reunions months back. Kinda hard to get everyone together, thank god for the facebook! Most are committed working parents. Working in other states, married to foreigners... 

Dec 2010 mini reunion
3 of my Primary 6 classmates, Maswani, Rozita & Habsah

It was just the 5 of us, including my twin sis Ina

food always bring people together

Sept 2010 mini reunion, they are all my Primary 6 classmates
Sitting from left, Hayati, Timah
Standing from left, Jefni, Rozita, Dyg Hadiati & Ina

June 2010 reunion
Sitting from left, Affiana, Jestina, me, Maswani & Maureen.
We were in Darjah 6 Biru together :)

Getting together with my x-classmates are always a lot of fun. Never ending laughter always left me exhausted but I couldn't stop smiling driving back home. Sweet and funny stupid memories, laughing at ourselves making us feel like we were teenagers again. Trying to catch up on the past 25 years with 10 people at a dinner table in two and half hours is just impossible. How to catch up??! We couldn't stop laughing... "Remember.... remember this?? Remember that?..." My jaw ached from holding myself from laughing too hard & too long!

One classmate, he had jongang teeth. I smile whenever I'm reminded of this story. Mind you! His teeth all pretty now... But then, even when he's relaxed, he looked like he was smiling because he was showing so much teeth!! Some of us (Primary 6 x-classmates) were in the same Traditional Club when we were in Form 5. We were rehearsing for a drama we're gonna perform on a Traditional Show in 1990.

He (T), was on the ground, almost dead (acting you all... acting only). My sis was the so-called sister, or mother. I can't recall. So..., she was howling over him, begging him to wake up. Then suddenly our Drama teacher interrupted and called out from the floor...

T! If you are DEAD, WHY ARE YOU SMILING????!! "

T 'woke', sat up, looking puzzled (with his jongang teeth jolting out of his mouth, like, naturally), he said...

"Mana ada saya senyum cikgu..."

My Drama teacher didn't say anything, he just turned away and tried very had to hide his smile. My stomach wanted to burst from my contained laughter, I almost fainted!

Form 5 Science year 1990
Seated far left, Rozita & me
Rozie and I were closest in school, we were classmates in 
Primary 6, Form 4 and Form 5.


Globalized Dayung said...

Sama2 kita 2 Greenian Akak....aku grad 1998!! Kitak super senior kamek...

Anonymous said...

School days was the best time ever!

Tiq said...

laughter is the best medicine..heheh nice of you to share your story with us kak..
have a great weekend kak

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