Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chinese New Year Cheongsum

Ida Mowe [for the day]

Borneo Post - 10.1.2011

"Everything ready for tomorrow's Press Conference Ida?" boss
"Ya Boss! *thumbs up*." me
"So, I'll see you in Cheongsum tomorrow?" boss

*blink blink* O_0

Hearing that yesterday evening almost made me choke on my drink. I don't have a Cheongsum! Seriously?? Do I have to wear one??

Well, I didn't. My boss didn't pressure me, but last night it suddenly occurred to me that it would look really nice if I wore the Cheongsum for our PC. The problem was, I was running out of time, no time to shop and no time to think where to shop and I'm sure if I don't look around thoroughly enough, I'll end up with something I'll regret later. 

Feeling anxious, I posted my thoughts on FB last night and after few minutes, voila!... Darling cousin Lyn offered to loan her Cheongsum to me, on FB! :D Funny how this social web page manages to turn your life from disarray to complete settlement. Some even suggested I should put on the Cheongsum dress....., urmmmm.. Na 'a.. no thanks. 

But I'm sure it would really look nice, no? Hmmm... so feminine & elegant :)

Did I tell you I have Chinese blood running through my veins?? Ya.. ya! I am ashamed...! I'm part Chinese but I never worn Cheongsum (be it top or dress) in my life. This was the first time. If you noticed, my younger sister Siti looks very Chinese -_- compared to me & twin sis Ina. My late grandmother Hjh Winnie (God, may she rest in peace, aminnn) and her sisters really looked like the Nyonyas. Guys, I don't really have a lot of stories to tell relating to my Chinese background, let's just leave it here then... But But! What I DO know, I am the great  granddaughter of Ghita Mowe of Sibu, daughter to Mowe Sha Liong of Mainland China. Which part of China?? I'll have to korek later dude..!

So grateful to Lyn. The top is just slightly bigger but I loved it!! Simply perfect :) My colleagues were commenting how they loved seeing me in the top and I kept telling them it's  on loan for the day. I should get one for myself. The press conference was to launch our Chinese New Year 2011 events and they're scheduled WEEKLY from today, all the way to the middle of February, at least. *GianT GulP* 

After the PC, we were entertained with a Lion Dance. That marked the beginning of our Chinese New Year events for the year. 

I'll be going to town early tomorrow morning. Hopefully to see our press release in the major local newspapers. *crossing fingers* Till then, enjoy your Sunday peeps! xoxox

Press Release in ...
Sarawak Tribune 9.1.2011 (top)
& Mingguan Sarawak 9.1.2011 (bottom)


Wan Sharif said...

I bought a cheongsam for my daughter about 8 to 9 years ago.. untuk pakai raya, my.. weren't allher cousins and aunties very surprised.. Asked my other half the whereabout of that particular cheongsam.. it looks like it has been passed down to many cousins..

Anonymous said...

I lurve cheong sam in pink! Happy new year kak.

AmirFX said...

Kacak baju ya kak... Nang awal lah ktk ready.. haha..

Alv0808 said...

Thinking to buy cheongsam this year too hehee..but the ready made always not suit to my body size..hehehe..

Ida Athanazir said...

Wan.. I did tink to do baju Raya ala Cheongsum style.

Ano.. green also pretty.

Amir.. tq.. baju pinjam koh!

Alvo808.. i want to custom made but my tailor charges so much!! $$$$$$$$$

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