Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Boobs Secret Out!

bun (hair) up, dressed down, stressed out!
-omg, I look so sad, & tired-

...well, well.. aren't we all? How to handle it?? Some would go on a shopping spree just to release stress, get themselves new Chanel handbags, purchase a couple of LV high heels (in my dreams!), or maybe few new tops at Parkson Grand! Honest truth, simply to create excitements for oneself and eventually going home with loads of shopping bags. Does that relaxes you? To some, yes. 

For me, a packet of kuaci will do me just fine. Sitting in front of the television (while doing the laundry) is what I want to do when a day at the office finally ends. But it's not the same if you're single, so, go catch a midnight at the movies on a Wednesday night, if that makes you happy.

Just for you guys, I found some time to gather some tips from the magazines I flipped through. And no, I didn't forget. I still remember that tip that I promised to share.. Just read through :)


DO know that accessories make an outfit. You can be wearing something simple, but put on some costume jewels, a fake-skin clutch and great heels, and your're dressed up.

DON'T waste your time on people who aren't kind to you (that includes not replying to your emails or text messages and worse, they only text you 'Hi' when they need something). In the long run karma always comes into play, and if you just take the high road, you'll be fine. 

DON'T obsess over numbers; Yes, there are ideal bust-waist-hip ratios for the 'perfect hourglass', but every woman's different. Accentuate the curves you do have, and fake the ones you don't!


Own at least one good push-up bra.. HHhaaaa..! The bra part, The TIP is coming up next. 
Anyways, the good push-up bra should be a T-shirt style- meaning smooth everywhere and nothing lacy. And of course, make sure you get the perfect fit by getting professionally measured in advance. 

For me, if you are well-endowed, a simple Pierre Cardin (and not to mention inexpensive!!) will do, you can create your own push up!! Hee hee.. Sabarrr ya.. I will reveal in a minute :) Speaking of push-ups, remember, the higher the boobs sit, the slimmer your waist!

still in my work clothes (top) at 8pm, except the jeans
*was at the airport, two nights in a row!*

Secret Revealed~

Before putting on your top/blouse, you are just in your bra. Standing, now bend to a 45 degrees angle to your front. Ok, your boobs are 'hanging' in your bra, no? Stop laughing nowww... This is serious, okay? *grinning*

Okay. Where were we.. Oh Ya! Hanging. Bending. 
With your right hand (still in bending position), reach for the left side of your back, arm crossing over your boobs. Then, using your palm, 'pull' the flesh below your shoulder blade (in a massage motion, back to front) and tuck it into your left bra cup, massage about 10 times. Do the same to your right side using your left hand. When all is 'secured' in, stand up and you will find you have more cleavage and your back seems less flabby :D

I was told, if you practise this routine regularly, in time, you shall have firmer looking boobs. With the flesh going into the right places, you will soon have a more attractive looking back. With less flesh/fat bulging near to your bra straps. 

See?? I told ya..! You don't need miracle creams. All you need is, to be consistent, like what supermodel Cindy Crawford said. 


If you have a tension headache; The cause is often neck tension, rather than head pain. To get instant-relief, with right arm at your side, tilt head toward left shoulder, pulling head gently with left hand to deepen stretch. Hold for 30 second, repeat two times on each side.

If you've got absolutely no energy; Do the Yoga bridge pose, it allows the lungs to fully expand so more oxygen circulates to your brain and muscles- Lie on your back, knees bent, heels directly under knee. Lift hips, clasping hands underneath your back. Hold for 30 seconds, breathing slowly.

Cindy Crawford's Beauty Secrets

Skip the hairdryer... (well, dhaaa...) 
"I don't use a blow-dryer everyday because I like it when my hair has more texture. After my hair dries, I use a large-barrel curling iron to add body.

Commit to a regime...
"It's all about being consistent. My motto is: feed your skin at night and protect it during the day. I use a night cream to replenish my skin while I'm sleeping and an SPF-based moisturiser during the day."

Deep clean...
"If I have a lot of make-up on, I use a gentle facial scrub to exfoliate so my pores don't get clogged. I also have monthly microdermabrasion treatments to remove dead skin cells.

Work in pencil...
"I always start by **conditioning my lips with balm. Then I line and fill them in with a flesh-toned pencil to enhance their natural shape and to give my lipstick and gloss something to adhere to."

**Borneo Love has been wearing her lipstick the same way too..
L'oreal Color Riche in Brown Stone, on top of my Nivea Cherry Flavored Lip Balm. It gives my lips a naturally flushed finish :*

Mistake-proof your lips...
"I love doing coloured lips, but you have to check them regularly as lipstick gets on your teeth. For an event, I'll wear neutral lipsticks as it looks sophisticated. Pick your colours carefully, so you don't look washed out. I like beige-y pinks that are one shade darker than my natural skintone. If the colour is sheer, you can still talk or drink a glass of wine and it won't be tragic if it wears off. I almost always wear gloss too."

Stick to neutral...
"When an occasion calls for more make-up, I love a smoky eye. I call it a 'slutty' eye. Sometimes a big black eye can look harsh, so I like to keep it in the neutral family. I don't want people to say, 'wow, your make-up looks great!' That's an insult. I'd prefer them to say, 'You Look Great!'


Anonymous said...

I love the lipstick & NIVEA balm thing. Gonna give it a shot!

Ida Athanazir said...

To whomever the anonymous (get yourself a name) was, tq for your comment. I guess this blog is not for you.

Ida Athanazir said...

Anonymous on the 1st Comment, you should. The colour turns out amazing on me! :)

For the other anonymous (not published), enjoy your day & read.

Coffee Girl said...

Betul ya secret ya. u know how i learn? The bra salesgirl at Jaya Jusco... she siap buat demo kat I lagi. tak leh nak segan-segan... kita belajar. so now i know................ haha

Anyway mem...relink me.

Coffee Girl

KEN said...

HI Kak Ida :)

Thanks for the tips..gonna try that from now :)

Tiq said...

yalah kamek suka ngan Kak Ida tok

Ida Athanazir said...

Coffee Girl, ya baruk bra Sales girl! Hmm.. sama sama belajar & share untung :))

Ken, practise slalu slalu! Sure angkat!! :O

Tiq, hee hee... Ntah apa gik tip coming up next. Carik lok

Enjoy your weekend guys. Can't update now, too much work.. duhhhhh

Globalized Dayung said...

Best jua tips tok...aku taun 2011 nang ari2 makei make up...lak dah balik kerja sik kekok ndak bermake up. Bagi aku make up polah aku confident!!! Touch up slalu...

Isabelle said...

hi...came across your blog through mommiezie. nice blog. will visit again sometimes=)

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