Monday, January 17, 2011

Blog Cop

Wohh! Thank goodness..! I am finally here again. How long has it been? Feels like a month but it has only been less than a week you guysss.. :) I miss my blog so much. I miss writing! Good morning and before I forget, I'd like to wish all of you a very productive week ahead.

And yah! It's very early now and I don't care, I have to update before the week begins. As usual, work is like madness. Millions of things to do to make sure the festive Chinese New Year events go on as smoothly as planned, InsyaAllah.

But, we are here now. Loads of things to share and brag about! Hahaa... YOU must be laughing now.......... Yes YOU. I am talking to YOU. Eh eh! Jangan make don't know ya.. So you're still reading? Okay lah, I will let you stay. Well, at least I don't make people cry, no? Laughing Out Loud at your own comment on 'people like me' somehow gave me more ideas to continue doing what I enjoy, \displaying self-loving attitude/. Uh-Ohhh..! don't you just love yourself? I do! I DO...! :)) I do not want to look like a crappy mom now, do I? Our children copy most of our attitude. If you are always angry, your kids will become monsters!! Mau enggakkk?? TAK MAUUU!!

Oh mee gaud! I've been visited by a Blog Cop! Yes I did. Don't worry now, I'm not gonna publish what you wrote, just between you and me, okay? And to answer your question, I don't know that. Because what I know is, the nice people who has come to visit my blog has enjoyed reading as much as I've enjoyed sharing my joy & sadness. But it's kinda cool having 'people like you' visit because it shows that you ARE reading and hopefully you gained something too. Well, you know.....? How to woo a lady the right way... Or (if you're a girl), how to stay trimmed after having children. Hmmm... you sounded like a man, but commented like a girl. Not sure. 

The goy (between a girl or a boy) ended his/her comment with (this, I'm gonna tell), 

"get a proper life."   *gasp!*

It has been a cool two years, I started when things were hard, just to fill time and it's been my favorite hobby every since. Then I got a job, and I was a working mom again. Juggling everyday which crystal encrusted shoes, designer handbags or satin top to wear to work. Got kahh?? Heeheee.. kidding y'all! I WISH I have all those, well, I do have my own share of (secret) indulgence but that would be too much to blog about, no? But I have enough subjects to write for now, topping the list is being an over-the-moon mom/wife. Yup! I've shared quite a bit, more to come, I hope. When you blog, you try very hard to not offend anyone, which is something that you can control. There is no excuse for, "Opppss! I accidentally posted that!" So, careful now. Don't give those donkeys names, ya? 

You know, it's pretty unhealthy to obsess over what people say about you, agree? You have a life experience to share, so share. That's what I'm doing, more than happy to share. If you don't, maybe being a Blog Cop is the only thing to do, I guess that gives you 'life'. So Blog Cop...
......get a proper breakfast, everyday!  ;)


Tiq said...

orang nok tabah, hati mesti cekal kak..
boh gago gilak apa dikata urang..
have a great day kak... mwah

Anonymous said...

Blog Cop? Saya mau dia visit saya juga kak. Hahahaa.. Let them kak, just do your thing. xox

Globalized Dayung said...

Blog Cop....nya sik ada kerja lainkah? Macam blog nya best kah? Blog kita suka ati lah mok nulis....aku dah kenak tapi bukan Blog Cop, tapi aku buat sik lalek sbb aku tau banyak orang di luar nun suka baca crita dalam blog aku...dipadah banyak informasi sidak dapat! Padah aja nya jelez ngan kitak sebab kitak ada family bahagia...nya macam ni! Ku madah nya nang PALUI BESAR

Wan Sharif said...

be nice.. be happy.. take care

Anonymous said...

Hai Ida, been following your blog religiously and a SR..hehe..anyway, I just can't help it today...been reading blogs after blogs and I noticed that there are some 'people'who just don't have a life at all...oh well, pity org kedak ya kan..

whatever it is, keep on writing dear...take care ya

Lemonade said...

some people think just becos we're moms we've to dress sloppy, act like makciks2 & keep our opinion to ourselves!! Glad I'm not that shallow...Keep writing Ida!

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