Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Aching Laughs

laughing my head off!

After-event is the best time for me, because I get to hang out with my girls & my two men! We eat, laugh, exchange stories (of the week), laugh, laugh and laugh till sayang says it's enough. LOL..

I guess at some point we did embarrass him but we just kept giggling and laughing and couldn't stop making stupid fools of each other, that is, after every stomach is happy :D Stomachs are fed, brains would start to get sugar high from the carbonated drinks. Funny, I seldom laugh as hard if my kids weren't around. Plus, it's such a great stress reliever. The only thing was, I was left with an aching twisted muscle in my stomach, good aching :))

They took silly photos of themselves then cracked up by the funny shots. It looked like a lot of fun so I just had to join them.. "Sayang, get a shot of my funny face!"

Sayang gave me an 'are-you-nuts?' face, then pulled a 'my-wife-embarrasses-me' face when he took this photo of me :p

"Mama! That's a fishy face!!" :))

My Fun Kids :)

Hani, Ayu, Seri & Arman looking silly!

with Hani & Ayu

with Seri

I swear we annoyed the people who were dining around us. But I didn't notice.. because I was too busy laughing. HAA hAaa hAaaaaa...!! Sayang could only shake his head in disbelieve. Having my kids around give me so much joy especially now that they have grown as young adults, we have so much to blab about, to gossip and, to laugh at ;)

These are cherished moments, so glad I have this blog to share my memories with you readers. Soon, they all will leave home, get married then have children. Wohh! Time really (like, seriously!!) goes by so fast... hmmm... don't laugh too hard now, nanti nangis!

Wokay.. next post, gonna share a tip with you guys. I'm gonna tell you (ladies) how to achieve a full bust line with ultimate sexy looking cleavage ;) I know..! It's so easy, you can easily do it yourself using your own two hands. And no need lah those magical 'super bust' creams. Till then, tungguuu...

my hubby.."Hmm.. this is more like it."


RaMa-RaMa Fareeza said...

kaka ida..baruk tadik kmk org kat opis cerita ngeri pasal "kuat tetak"...hehhe ada colleaque mek cita...ada kawannya..koatan kuat tetak...rahang mulutnya yang bawah sekali "tergugok"....sikpat dikatup...so terpaksa gi embak hospital diator balit....walopun cita tok ngutik ckitt...tp tetap lucu...hahhah....anyway...laughter is the best medicine...

AmirFX said...

Sexy looking cleavage? Wow.. Sik sabar nak nunggu entry pasal ya.. haha.. Kidding... Nway, gambar anak ktk molah muka pelik2 ya tang lucu jak..

Ida Athanazir said...

Fareeza... that is actually so funny! tergisin sorang kmk but, kesian lah owh. Tentu sakit nya stuck kedak ya! :0

Amir... tip untuk pompuan lah :)

Anonymous said...

Kids are just amazing, aren't they?

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