Friday, December 10, 2010

Stress Relievers

How do you relieve anxiety, distress?? ---You step out, get 'fresh air'. 

"Where are you going??" "I'm going for fresh air."

Fresh air really means different place from where you were at earlier. Different environment, different faces and different energy! You could honestly feel the tensed surrounding, you only feel it because somehow you're connected to the tangled mess. How you wish it never happened, all you do now is picking up the pieces left behind. 

You know, I met a lot of people, but that one time I just knew that this one spells trouble. Snooping into other people's property especially the phone is no normal human attitude. I think a monkey knows better... Oh nO! It was the monkey!!..... I don't like the aura and others not supposed to say more, worried that one would be described as unwise and neglectful of background checking. But, the one who got away may thought that it's a big world we're living in. Think again........ Again.

Tensions and bad auras does no good to our health, staying away from so called processed food and sugar is not enough to maintain oneself in tip top shape. But do we have a choice? Well, some of us are very very lucky. I am lucky, but not 'very very'. Lucky when you get to choose what to do, whom to be with and whose face you do not want to see everyday. I chose a meal that I had to pay with trips to the toilet few days ago. And having a fever at the same time was just perfect!

But I'm okay, no need to visit the doctor, it wasn't that serious. I could still walk but my little Arman woke up at 2 this morning because he was developing allergies in his sleep! He lost a bit of weight lately and wouldn't really eat. Arman vomited his breakfast at an eatery last weekend... can you imagine?? We got the waiter to help us clean real quick as I did not want the other people who're dining to feel uncomfortable. Thank god we were sitting outside the restaurant. He also suffered diarrhea and I guess he was losing his vitamins & minerals so rapidly that the allergy struct him twice in few days, which is quite rare. 

One natural remedy for diarrhea is buah laici. Yes, the canned laici. Try eating the whole can, excluding the syrup. It neutralizes your 'unstable' bowel movements and replace the energy  you've lost. It might not cure you 100% but it really really helps. 

And another remedy that I've share with 2 friends who're suffering from mild asthma attacks was to drink black coffee. As it contains caffeine, it can help to clear the airways and relief the asthma symptoms temporarily. 

But how to relief stress? Going away for awhile? Maybe take a long drive.. like what we did few days ago on a public holiday. The last time I was in Retreat, Lundu was July last year and yeah, I was going to a retreat but it didn't feel like it. I was there for work and enjoying the nature was far from our thoughts. 

Sayang loves long drives. It took us a little bit over one hour to reach the beautiful Retreat, Lundu. Only Seri & Arman came along, Hani is still in K.L. and Ayu had a date with her girlfriends. Had a late lunch at the cafe, chill a bit, then, we drove back to Kuching by 6pm.

*I need a proper camera with proper flash*

the food was ok.. but I had to fight with the flies half the time that tried to land on our food 

this deck is new, it was not there last year

well kept landscape

Nothing is easy... Work, marriage. I've be swamped with work load lately but I'm trying very hard not to let them consume me. Try to take short breaks from time to time and things can only be done if you do it one at a time. Sometimes I tried to do few things at once but by end of it, only one thing was completely done. Oh well.. I hope you all enjoy your weekend.. Me haa?? I will be working tomorrow, Sunday, next Saturday and Sunday too :)


Cik Birder said...

lundu already has this?omg...such a beautiful place.where is the exact location?dulu tinggal di lundu for 1 year.what a sleepy town:)

Anonymous said...

Benar betul kakak suka baju tu, tak bosan ke? hehehe, but kita suka kakak cukup confident.

Wan Sharif said...

Yes.. do not, repeat do not let work consume you..

Ida Athanazir said...

It is of course, by the sea, quite near to Lundu Town itself. A few resorts there. A simple yet very Resorty place :) Ask around, you wouldn't miss it.

I know, i wear the gray t a lot when i go out

tq Wan.

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