Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snappin' Crazy!

Oh my blog! What have become of me??! We were laughing and giggling seeing these pics taken by Ayu. The three of them came by the shopping complex at noon and we had lunch together at McD. Papa couldn't stay, he had to drive back to the office.

I noticed Ayu wearing my gray T. This isn't one of my Byfords, I've had this gray T eversince... Hmm... I really cannot remember since when I've had it. Apparently, Ayu is starting to look boring like me! ;) Hee heee... well, she doesn't, she actually looks great in the Tshirt. And she is so fair, much much fairer than any of us. 

"You are not taking that T back to campus, are you?"

"No Ma.."

Ayu, Seri & Arman waited at Coffee Bean till I punched out and we headed straight to The Grand Margherita Hotel. We intended to go to Parkson Riverside. It rained so, we were stuck at the hotel and decided to sit at the chic lobby to wait for papa to fetch us. 

Armed with fully charged phones, bored, feeling silly and thinking that we actually looked cute at that moment, we started snappin' away.. 

Ayu said.."Ma, this one is for Papa." :)

I will miss Ayu when she goes back to campus early next month. 
Adohhh.. :/

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Anonymous said...

Seronok betul anak-anak dah besar :D

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