Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hani Is Home :)

When there are like more than half a dozen of the family members need to be fetched from the airport, me & my darling hubby will drive one car each. This usually happens during Hari Raya or school holidays. Alhamdulillah, the family is growing, numerically and physically!

tailing papa.. heading for the airport

we didn't park at the parking lot so, we had to wait by the car for almost half an hour

couldn't wait to see Hani :)

"sayang! one shot!!"

When the plane finally landed, I went in to wait outside the arrival hall. Hani walked straight at me, salam kissed my hand and we hugged real tight :') I almost cried but I held my tears in. Wohhh! So emotional lah me!! Ngengggg..!

One whole month she was away but I'm glad she had fun. She told us they (with her cousins) went ice skating like 6 times and ventured travelling up to Perak and down to Johor with my in-laws visiting (my in laws') old friends and even attended a wedding. Hani said she ate McD like almost everyday! How on earth do these kids do it?? Maybe I'm getting old (I AM!!). Don't think I could eat deep fried french fries with burgers or deep fried fast food chicken few times in a week... (??!?)

I'm more like a white rice with deep fried fish kinda person :)

loading luggages & boxes

home sweet home

she's so happy to be back in Kuching, I'm the happiest!! :D

back together again with darling sisters... 

Ayu (18), Hani (12) & Seri (16)

I have all my kids together again :)

welcome home Hani sayang! :)

I have a lot more to blog, so much was happening in one day but I'd like to keep this blog specially about my darling baby girl Hani. Look, Hani is so tall now, even taller that her older sister Seri! Heehee.. I remember when she was a baby, so easy to take care of her. She was a very good baby, eat, sleep and only cried when she's hungry or pooped! :D

I think it's time that I return her cell phone back to her.. Owhhh..! I didn't tell you, did I?? It was her phone that I 'confiscated'. Hmmm... long story, lesson needed to be taught. She understands very well that I did it for her own good. Well then.. 

Till next post, good night y'all. 

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Neng said...

Ida, wishing you a very happy new year with your wonderful family.

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