Saturday, December 25, 2010

December Wedding

wow! my kurung matches my blog :)

First day of my year end leave... 5 whole days! yeay!! 

It's really been awhile since I last attended a wedding reception. My colleague Yatie invited me a couple of weeks ago to her sister's reception today at Dewan Hikmah, Petra Jaya Kuching. I know I must attend unless I have events. Though on leave, I'm still 'working'. Replying text messages sent by customers/shoppers/parents is a must for me. Supposed to attend a neighbor's wedding reception last weekend but work had to be on top of my list. My family & friends understand my work commitment, my events usually falls on weekends or sometimes public holidays. So, I had to say no to a lot of invites. 

I'm organizing a Back To School Fun Day next coming Saturday (new year's day) and participation is done via sms, to my phone. It's much easier because it's more convenient to count how many are coming and I prefer it that way. If I had more time, parents/shoppers would need to fill participations forms provided at our Information counter. (this way they COME to our venues.. get it??)

It was a beautiful wedding reception, Ayu (my photographer for the morning) & Seri came with me. 

I love this kurung, it belongs to Ayu
(Envelope with some 'sedekah' or contribution in my hand for the family)

The beautiful 'Pelamin'...

...for the beautiful bride & groom

I love the 'Ngajat' dance

With sweet colleague, Yatie, the wedding organizer

*admiring the beautiful stage settings*

okay kah? did the miracle creams/water work?

Hani is returning to Kuching today (as we speak). Miss my darling baby girl. She went away to KL with my mother in-law and her cousins about a month ago for the school holiday. Can't wait to shop with my kids to buy their new school uniforms. Wow..! Has it been over a month?? School holidays just went by like a breeze these days, I'm busy, papa busy.. Aiyyaaaa!! Hmmm.. but my kids are okay with it, I guess. They know mama & papa are doing their best to juggle & balance everything. I am very lucky to have them as my kids :') 

So excited.. sayang is also taking the whole week off. We'll go out window shopping, eat, watch movies at home, clean the kitchen cupboards, eat, sleep in, watch more movies, do more spring cleanings, go out window shopping and enjoy each other's company. 

Oh wow..! Have to get ready now, heading to the airport in 10 minutes. Merry Christmas everyone & enjoy your weekend! :D


AmirFX said...

Selamat menyambut tahun baru kak ida! Ada event gik ka kat kuching? Event apa yang d anjurkan?

Ida Athanazir said...

ada.. di Riverside Shopping complex on new year's day. From 11am til 5pm, colouring & teenagers' karaoke.

Noreen Ruszalin said...

kak ida, i really envy Seri's hair lah.. so nice and luscious. apa product she use eh? ;)

Ida Athanazir said...

Noreen.. rambut nya memang natural like that. Shampoo biasa jak.. now she's using sunsilk :)

Noreen Ruszalin said...

oh seri sooooo lucky. hehe

Anonymous said...

hi may i know,sapa polah pelamin ya? kacak, ethereal-looking suka!sorry tang ada nanyak dahla stranger, but cant help it,kacak gilak pelamin ya


Ida Athanazir said...

Hi Ina,

I will have to check with my colleague.. But mun sik salah Cikgu Sabri.

Will get back to you. :)

fiat said...

Hi it's me again, hehe. i've been trying to find this Cikgu Sabri guy but to no avail. hehe, kitak tauk sik o number nya?


Ida Athanazir said...

Ina, please give me your email.. I'll get back to you as soon as I get some info from my colleague in couple of days :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, wow, you're fast! :)

my email is

thanks thanks thanks I really appreciate it! =)


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