Thursday, December 23, 2010

Coolest Cake

With Hilda (& hubby Ivan) as one of the guest judges

It was a very very tiring weekend but it's been a lot of fun MAINLY because all the events were a real success!! Hmm... but I really wouldn't do it again though... Four events in 2 days??! No MORE! I did well but, too stressful. 

Couldn't thank my supporters enough.. "Thank you! Thank  you!! Thank you my dear colleagues...." Really, without them, I'll die standing. ~_~ The most important thing is teamwork. Seldom I encounter any problem during my events relating to manpower. My team is always very very reliable & supportive of one another. The best thing is, they always enjoy themselves and can't wait for the next event.
Messie & Pam

Mariah, Dyg Hana & Yatie

Honestly, it was tough on me... physically, emotionally & personally. 'Neglecting' my family for a whole weekend wasn't easy on my loved ones. Yes, I had assistance but during events only. All the planning, organizing, delegating & the coordinating parts I had to do all by myself. This kind of job needs your brain to work at its best (when it's event time) because if you don't do things systematically, your effort will prove fruitless. Working smart will save you a lot of energy & time. Running around like a crazy monkey clearly means  you're not well organized.

Haa..haa.. so funny! The week before the events, I would get both events' titles all mixed up. Few times when doing the requisition forms to request for budget approval, sometimes I would put the title as "Coolest Cake" "X'mas Kids"... Fuiiyyyoh! Mereng kelapa, urrmmm.... I meant, kepala!

Family X'mas Cake Decorating Competition

The kids were assisted by their parents, but verbally only :)

We auctioned the cakes and managed to collect over RM150 for charity.. Yeayy!

Strawberry Shortcake Coolest Kids Contest

5 year old Aleeya was one of the 30 'cool' participants

Interviewing one of the judges, Ms Mona

I always like to have a very brief chat with each of the participant, just to see how well they communicate

Emcee terjun

With judges for the day, Celebrity mengejut Hilda, Catwalk Model Myza 
& Makeup Artist Mona

Yoh..! My lobang hidong so clear lohh.. hee heeee...

More photos on our events here.


Noreen Ruszalin said...

You're always on the paper lah nowadays kak ida ;)

Big Momma said...

congrats!!! makin glemer dah...he he he
hilda looks so slim now! wow!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I noticed it too. Congrats Ida on the recognition :).

kallyempire said...

seem really fun having this kinda job XDD

Ida Athanazir said...

Noreen.. nak promote event ;) part of the job.

Big momma.. haha! lalu glemer. yes, hilda maseh cantik jugak mcm dulu :D

Anon.. tq :)

Kally.. yes, tiring but so much fun :))

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