Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Check Me List

my 12x8 backdrop for this coming Saturday

"Aiyaa.. make it more Popped OuT, too dull lah. And delete this part, change the text to bla bla blaah, add this photo that I googled... Don't forget to change the background colour, add the attached logo..."

Me fussy?? Huh well..! I pay, okay? It's not like I purchase five 12x10 backdrops and I will get ONE free (backdrop). I paid for all that I ordered. Well, not me.. my boss paid lah. So, if the designer/printer had to make like 10 changes within the week, I think it's fair. Not really ten times, I'm not THAT fussy you know... After the designer emailed the first design to me, there'll be some changes made till my boss is satisfied. Only then I will make the order to print. Cannot cin-cai kong madam! I'm gonna put up this giant backdrop on our stage for everyone to see, how can simply confirm on a dull flat looking design? 

"No, give me a new design."

The backdrop is one story, what about the whole event? My oh My..! Friends, I have four events this coming weekend, yes, FOUR. Of which two I co-organized, the other two I coordinate from A-Z.  Two are happening on Saturday and two on Sunday. I'll be on the ground from morning till night this weekend... Ahh??! I AM???! *fuhhh*

A Check List is a life saver at this desperate-for-proper-perfect-coordination point of time. Every little thing (I really mean literally little; e.g. safety pins) is crucial. Don't tell me you have to run to the book store to get a 50cent safety pin when the show is starting in 15 minutes?? No No, no can do mademoiselle. 

Now here, this is your check list... So let's get crackin'!

*this list from on top of my head*

D day:-

Stage Area-
*Backdrop, other decos (skirtings around stage, balloons, ribbons, etc.)
*Tables (with skirting) for prizes, chairs for audience
*PA system, basic or with extra speakers/mics/karaoke set

Little things:-

*Pen/pencils, extra paper, stapler (bullets!)
*Ready ballad papers, numberings for participants WITH safety pins
*Pre-registered name list, registration sheet
*Judging sheet/audit sheet/final winners' list
*Press kit/release
*Important things to announce during event (tq sponsors, judges, next events coming up)
*Tray for prize giving complete with kain alas talam (or whatever you call it in English)

Extra hands-
*Registration (to sort out participants' numberings, CD name tagging)
*Camera/video person
*To handle younger kids & to coordinate seatings for participants
*To hand out prizes & gifts
*To handle media people
*Setting up, decorations

*Be sure to have their logos on every publicity materials (posters, buntings, backdrop)
*To invite for prize giving 
*Booth for promoting their products during event
*Make them happy :))

*Rent/purchase on items such as PA system, tables/chair, trophies, prizes, vouchers
*Confirm judges
*Venue +CLEAR+ i.e. no other events by tenants
*Confirm buntings/backdrop design, order print
*Memo to bosses, tenants, colleagues
*Press release & invites
*Last minute email-blast to contacts

Don't forget!-
*Token/drinks/snacks for judges
*Prizes.. prizes!
*Call participants to double confirm
*All the above :)

I think I left out some details... hmmm, but what? 0_o

Uuhh my bLog..! I've got so much to do. I need to check myself whether I'm forgetting anything. I think I should stop here, for now. Definitely I will share more tips when time permits, InsyaAllah... 

Good night world ~_~


Anonymous said...

Dear Ida, with the list just on top of your head, I know you wouldn't face any problem co-ordinating your events. Relax a bit more and cheers!

Ain said...

that's 1 looong checklist Ida. Have fun too ok...

Globalized Dayung said...

Ya aku datang mengomen pas 3 minggu berperang ngan diri sendiri. Busy jua kitak Kak..yelah ujung taun nang banyak programs holiday koh!! Sik apa Kak dapad polah ya ba..Iboh jadi kedak Mangkok ya yg penting...

Ida Athanazir said...

G Dayung.. huh.. compom dpt title professor terus!!

tq, mangkok dah tutup crita, haha.

Ain & Ano.. tq love :)

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