Saturday, December 4, 2010

Brainy Diary

My choice :) The big blue notebook is Ayu's

Too big 
(..ehemmm, ya. I wore this blouse last weekend.
It is one of my favorites & most comfortable)

It's December, January is coming soon. I've been jotting down notes in my head and have come to realize that I cannot continue practicing that awful habit next year. I seriously need a diary and I must always be ahead of things. A normal brain could only take so much information, and I've been denying that fact. *what do you think you are Ida?? Super Woman?* Ya HaAA!! 

You could try to be brainy (definition: showing a well-developed intellect), but you're no super duper mom! Trying to remember which 9 dates go with 7 different events is a good way to improve your memory but don't risk it when 'trying to match' events that involve very important people. Once you stepped out of the meeting room, you'll sweat your ass off trying to match which 7 dates go with 9 events... or was it the other way around?? 

I honestly do not know where to look for good executive diaries here in Kuching.. you know, the kind that you could scribble in notes with a complete calendar and definitely something that doesn't look OLd School!!? There are 2 big (sort of... for Kuching standard) bookstores that I thought of, Times & MPH. We decided to go to Times (The Hills) this evening but I didn't exactly find what I was looking for. 

The one I picked looks like a notebook, light, very simple and I'm loving it :)

I'd love to go and search for more options but I know I might just do that without realizing January 2011 had already passed. And all these diaries are so cute and adorable! Almost like too good to write in. I went through each different designs (cover & content) and thinking they are so appropriate and practical as gifts. Actually, I have a lot of free little notebooks in my room that I could easily turn into a diary, I don't even know why I keep them nicely in a box. The pages will soon turn yellow I'm sure... sayang nak pakai lah konon :p

I guess if the pages have dates, you're forced to write and scribble stuffs on 'that' day. But if there are only empty pages (of the notebook), you simply delay writing in them. Delay making use of them. So like a child... hee heee...

This hard cover cool simple looking journal (empty pages) cost over RM50!

for a thought

Ya ampunnn Mavis! blum sempat dgn your tag.. duhhh..!

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Mimi said...

Sudah tiba masanya untuk tukar tahun. Diary pun bertukar. Pilihan yang bagus kak.

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