Monday, December 6, 2010

Bossy Borneo Love

I'm on leave today... yeayyyy..!  (flat).

Well ya, I am enjoying my day off but it's no nothing-to-do-but-relax leave dear. Work-mode off, I'm liking it. Forget about the chaos at the office for a couple of days. But I do not want to waste my time off just sitting in front of the computer and lazing around watching dvds for hours (which I'd love to, I purchased the dvds months back and I still can't find the time to sit back and enjoy the movies). *sigh*

Anyways, I've a lot to do... still, after clearing some areas of the house hours ago, there are actually still a lot TO DO. Duhhh...!! I was doing it all by myself, if I had to have people to help me, I'd be too bossy and I know my kids don't like my bossy side. But, it's okay, sikit sikit. Tomorrow we proceed to another area :) I've assigned the girls with another 'project', they will have to get it done before school starts in January. And sayang is also assigned with one. Sayang... by January, ok? Okay. 

Like, look at these junk that I've kept through out the years. Some of these magazines are like 10 years old!! What did they do for me?? Collecting mites & dust. But I'm keeping my InStyle and Glamour magazines. I still go through them sometimes and the tips are always useful though some of them were published years ago. Cosmopolitan, Vogue?? Not a fan, too many advertisements. Glamour, Marie Claire I like because they have a lot of useful articles and real life stories that give us readers insights on facts of life. 

I'd purchase either one almost every month (sometimes I skip). Not cheap you know, parting with RM20 for a magazine makes my mind go a bit nuts sometimes. Buy, Not Buy, Buy, Not Buy, Buy, Not Buy... a lot of 'hmmm... hmmm....' If you're lucky, you will find past months issues at the Satok Sunday Market and they only cost you RM5 per issue. They would tear off the cover but the content stays intact. But you guys, I would rather buy a magazine than go to the salon for the pampering hair wash. Why?? I do not know why. 

Speaking of hair,

the kingdom of mites

Have you seen you own hair lately?? Well I have, and as if I didn't know it but I just realized that I need to do something about it. Looking dry with patches (of color) here and there is making my hair look unhealthy. At least that's what Ayu & Seri were telling me. And the funny thing is, sayang is telling me to trim my hair slightly pass my shoulder. That means quite a few inches gone. That is so new coming from him because he never approves of me chopping off my mane. But I'm loving the length now, will cut when I feel like it. Bought a box of dark hair color and I got Seri to apply it on me today. I like it, dark and looking healthy. 

Me & sayang talked about work like all the time, he would share his frustrations and I would nag about the rejections.. Biasalah.. 

Borneo Love- "Sayang, wouldn't you want me in your team??"

Borneo Love's other half- "Of course, but it wouldn't be professional..."

Borneo Love- "hmmm... our efforts combined, we could do wonders you know?"

Borneo Love's other half- "Really?"

Borneo Love- "Well yeahh!!? You will be my boss and I will do whatever you tell me to do. We make a great team!"

Borneo Love's other half- "Yes, but if anything goes wrong at work, like if I have to bombatt you at meetings, kan susah if you  merajuk??"

Borneo Love- "That's okay sayang, a boss gotta do what a boss gotta do... no??"

Borneo Love's other half- "Yes OK at work, but at home YOU're the boss. I'm sure I'm gonna be in big trouble once we reached home."

Borneo Love- *big grin*

You Heard That?? I'm The Boss!! NyeahHhhHaahAAaa... ;)

yikes!! horrible... :p



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Wan Sharif said...

Keep the mag.. you put them at a place within easy reach of your family and visitors.. for your/their reading pleasures.. Non?!

Ida Athanazir said...

Wan.. tq. Sayang nak buang, byk good info.

Anonymous said...

A..aa.. Yelah kak, daripada baca novel cerita dongeng baik baca majalah yang banyak bagi infor pasal kesihatan dan kecantikan.

thegreenpoet said...

LOVE your blog!
please visit my blog and you may win a GIVEAWAY!

Ida Athanazir said...

Anon.. betol tu.

thegreenpoet, tq.

~MualimShah~ said...

aww..sweet other half!

Tiq said...

awww.. kitak duak laki bini nang sporting

DrSam said...

bossy a little bit is o.k in order to get work done.

Ida Athanazir said...

MShah.. he is very sweet :)
Tiq.. tq. Palak gila gila koh :p
Doc.. you're right. Once you're a parent, you automatically become 'that' :D

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