Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Better Planning for Better Skin

2 fingers replying on emails, text messages and bbms -sigh-
*let me stay in here in the peaceful fitting room, pleasssse...*

Some things you cannot plan, well actually... a lot of things you cannot plan. But for my job, I do a lot of planning (for future Events) which is a MUST. My darling sister Siti called (while I was having an early lunch yesterday) and asked if she could pick me up and meet up with our sister Ina for lunch. And Ina was also having lunch when Siti called her.

"Next time, let us know at least few hours before you decide to burn your money on us both :))"

Yup, we slaughtered her big time!! Hee heee.. not that big. We would have if we both hadn't had our lunches yet. Of course, it's not about buying lunches or dinners, it's fun to be able to spend some time with your own siblings once in a while. I'm not able to go out at night so, I guess lunch time is ok. Wish I could go out for teh tareks late at night with my sisters like my hubby does with his brothers. But, it's just not possible, even lunches with my sisters are not that easy to plan. It would not be the same if any one of us couldn't make it. It has to be all three of us together. Though in a hurry, we all had fun yesterday :D 

Must do better planning next time, we don't want to hurt people's feelings, now do we??

Then at 1:30pm I received a call from a tenant saying I have to attend a meeting at 2:30pm. From then on... I was on the phone sending replying messages and emails and making calls, while giving my piece of mind (what's left of it) to my sisters whether or not the tops suit their funny faces or not! 

It isn't fair sometimes. Other people can make time to have a get together while others have to double check on 'approval' first. And not to mention that last minute call that need to be attended to. I have a scheduled hand over at 2pm on Thursday, sorry Siti dear... maybe next time. 

did Siti buy this top??

'use this logo..' 
'2:30pm @MAA'
 'leaving now.'
'No..! The other logo.'

My daily breakfast & snacks (I swear it tastes better than Chipsmore!!)
healthier & yummier :)

Ina- 'You've been having too much coffee, haven't you??'
Me- *mouth opened*
Siti- 'Yeah laaa... Look at your skin. It shows lah Kak Ida!'

Hmmm... I believe them and from today (1st Dec ~ Happy 12th Birthday to my darling Hani Sofiya :*) onwards, I'm just gonna consume 3/4 cup of my must-have morning cuppa. So, more healthier drink (like the hot barley lemon above) for me, for the sake of better skin. Those plans to have that afternoon coffee after every lunch would have to go out the window.


Ain said...

i'm addicted to coffee too! it keeps me going *barley is not an option 4 me* :)

ruzia said...

AHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! it was fun yesterday noonn..REALLYYY!!! i really had fun and jz for your info, (for everybodys info!!) yeahh i bought the shirt and i have it on me now..heheheheh...look forward to another lunch kak idaa...probably thursday is not a good timing (though kak ina maok juak tek nk kenak cia & sushi!! huhuu :P)
love you too you BOTH!! MMUAHHH MMUAHH!! ^_^

AmirFX said...

Kmk nak nambah pasal oat krunch ya juak.. For better health n better body shape... haha... Nang nyaman gik dari chipsmore....

Anonymous said...

stay healthy & stay cute kak!

Ida Athanazir said...

Ain.. barley is actually quite refreshing. I am staying away from coffee, except in the mornings *hubby is having a cup now* [gigit jari]

Sis.. love you too darling :)

Amir.. sepacket ada 3pieces but quite filling owh?

tq ;)

RaMa-RaMa Fareeza said...

coffee x baguz for our skin ka? hehe tp maya karin kata ada anti oxidant...hehhe anti oxidant utk slowkan kadar penuaan kulit....but no harm if we reduce the consumption amount of coffee kan...hehe

Ida Athanazir said...

Rama Rama Fareeza.. i guess what she said ada true nya, but too much of anything is never good :)

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