Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Baby No More

I was welcomed with the warmest smile & greetings when I arrived at the KFC Spring cashiers counter this evening. Cashier Hilda attended to my orders.. "Hi Kak! Apa khabar kitak??"

Honestly, I don't really remember her but of course I responded with the same warmth & kindness. It's been awhile since I last stepped my foot in KFC Spring. I told sayang, if my car ever breaks down anywhere around town, I don't have to look for the nearest petrol station, I'll just have to find the nearest KFC restaurant :) ,I'm sure I will get all the help I would need. Visiting the restaurants (16 restaurants then) in Kuching on a daily basis was quite taxing but I enjoyed it very much! I will guide the staff at the cashiers' counter and at the lobby how to be better at giving good services to customers. And babies too! We even offered to babysit while parents enjoy their meal. No more babysitting now... 

It was almost a year ago since I left KFC (S) Sdn Bhd but whenever I go dine at any of the restaurants in Kuching, I am always welcomed with the warmest smiles. Always they would start with.. "Where are you now kak? So long haven't seen you...!" I do feel they are so fond of me, it pays to be kind to others and not being such a big headed bitch. What good will it do for you to be bitchy?? Only later to be ignored and forgotten.

Speaking of forgotten, I'm forgetting what day it is.. I'm enjoying myself too much. Enjoying being home with all my kids and just, BE. I really really love it staying at home, do the motherly stuff and wifey stuff. Pure bliss. But school is just around the corner, Arman & Hani need new school shoes. 

Let's go shopping... Where else?? BATA lah..! :D

Ayu & Hani asked for new sandals, how to say no?

Sayang is a great provider... Love him to bits!

shoes, check!
uniforms, check!
belt, check!

Cool! Arman is starting his primary school next week. Oh my... I still remember the day I gave birth to him. *okay now, this is not the time to get emo nemo* sob, sob, sob..... As a mother, I just want him to be a good citizen when he grows up, makes a lot of money and take me to Paris :) Heeheee.. heeee.. Kidding :p

InsyaAllah, he will do well in school. Hopefully I will live long enough to see him go through his school days, to see him grow up as a young man and makes a good living for himself. InsyaAllah, I just want to be there for him whenever he needs me. My son is not a baby anymore :/


CoKeLaT-RaWkZ said...

Oh barang skolah Gabby pun belum beli lagik, bapaknya cuti esok. kaki mak nya tok gik kembang.

Mrs Graig_Kenny said...

"it pays to be kind to others" - totall agree with u ^_^

btw,it looks fun to shop for school thingy, isn't it? Me? Lama lagi..anak sulung pun baru 2thn..but i know my time will soon comes..hehe

AmirFX said...

Dah start skolah duhal... Teringat zaman lok marek meli kasut skolah.. Mesti mok jenama pallaz jazz.. Senang nak d pakei sebab sekda pakei tali..

Anonymous said...

So cute little Arman!!


aih..cute anak laki ktk ya lok..geram!! besar dah eh...

Ida Athanazir said...

C Rawkz.. woh! you will have to get well first. Cant go shopping with that kaki :)

Mrs G Kenny.. hee hee.. ya! it's fun. You still have a long way to go :) Enjoy your babies for now :D

Amir.. I remember! I loved those shoes too :))

Ano & Viv.. tq. Time goes by too fast, miss his baby cheeks :)

Coffee Girl said...

Awww... they grow up so fast hooo. Luckily they stop at 18. otherwise who knew what we'd look like?? sigh... Good luck with Primary 1 Arman!

Anonymous said...

Hello, semoga bergembira di Tahun Baru.

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