Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Worth Opportunity


I'm a girl.. What am I to do when I see cheap pair of shoes?? I almost jumped when I saw these Carlo Rino flats. They were the last pair and was sold only at.. You ready for this...??

*drum roll, please*


Sorry guys. I don't even know why I even blog about this great find, it's not like you could get a pair for yourselves. These were the last pair and I also have one in red, which I purchased at RM45 (it was on a 50% percent then) months ago. Original price was... 
you do the Math.

It's not like I'd just buy any super duper on sale items you know. Okay, I hear a sale going on in town, then driving to the shopping mall like a mad woman just because I have to get my hands on just any MUST BUY kalau-tidak-beli-pasti-rugi RM5 shoes?? Would I be silly enough to spend my precious RM5 on...







Simply because it's cheap? Tentu sik! The items have to be, wearable, practical and comfortable. They may be cheap and look pretty but if they don't suit my lifestyle (cyehhh.. lifestyl??), why should I buy them?  

Pretty, but, not practical for me

Sometimes I don't tell sayang. I work in a shopping complex so if I happen to bump into these 'great finds', I'll just purchase them without informing him first. Like these pants I bought yesterday at Nicole... They were having a 70% sale and I didn't have to think too long to grab the opportunity, and I do need extra pants (urrmmm... few I own don't fit me no more. I've been putting on weight). No.. don't come looking for them. I think these were the last few pairs. I spent RM89 and brought back home 3 pants!! It  sure was an opportunity worth considering. I'm so pleased :D

good quality material with great cuttings, RM29 each

Goggle sweat pants for my World Walking Day and the walk :)

This foto was taken in May. 
I'm wearing the Bossini black top that is as old as my 
Hani (12 years old)

See, I'm not just a good spender, I am also a very good keeper. Luckily I have my girls, some of my clothes are with them now. Ayu specially loves my shirts, it's a funny thing that sometimes when I see Ayu, I thought I was looking at myself. The way she dresses emulates me. So, if the mama wears tonnes of make up and revealing outfits, I guess children will copy the style too. Not all, maybe some. I always monitor their outfits whenever we go out and usually I wouldn't let them wear sleeveless, tight camisole, tube top (NO!) without anything else over.

Ayu in my Giordano shirt

Hani in my lilac cardigan

Seri in my Voir checkered shirt

my look of the day. I love my RM53 jacket!!

I've not worn the new ivory flats. Most of my work pants (including the new Nicoles) are too long. I need to bring them to the tailor to have them altered. No more shopping :) Seriously? Hee heee... I don't call that shopping , I call that 'opportunity worth grabbing'. But.. isn't any 'opportunity' worth grabbing?


Tiq said...

excellent choice kak !

Globalized Dayung said...

I'm waiting the BlackFriday 24 hours shopping discount till 70%. Buy 1 pay & get 1 at 99 cent...

Coffee Girl said...

untung dapat kerja dekat dan di shopping complexes kan. ud be the first to know if there r any sales etc. untung bebudak dapat recycle baju mak, sik juak membazir. definitely worth the opportunity. Psst... next time mun SP ada sales kat Beetai, madah k. hehe

ada van de kamp said...

I like this post, definitely! :DDD

Big Momma said...

sama lah kita.... buy cheap but worth it and practical.... but size macam saya tok ada susah sikit nak masuk nicole....ha ha ha, mun dpt tek memang rembat juak!

Anonymous said...

Murahnye jaket tu

Asma Jalalyna said...

shiohhh kak... puas ati ktk meli bj... anak2 ktk dpt makey... even mun kmk pun, mesti puas ati... n honestly, they even look new... jeles la kak... apa pencuci bj ktk pakey kak? (ehhh ada kaitan sik owhhh?)

CoKeLaT-RaWkZ said...

as a XXXXXL size lady, my most worth buying was at Park Land, all the big size skirts were sold for RM15,so I grabbed THREE!! Hahaha...... still wearing them till now and they are so comfy and stretchable too.

Ida Athanazir said...

Tiq.. mesti excellent, if not, jadi pengumpul debu lah ia ;)

G Dayung.. wow!! what a bargain..! Urmmmm, i better not go with you lah, sure rambang mata nanti o_O

C Girl.. boleh. You dtg lah ctok and let me know when you dtg, k?? :D

Ada.. hee heee.. I like it too :p

B Momma.. but masa sale tok actually byk juak size besar sikit yg tinggal. Chek chek jak slalu :D

Asma.. jenaka u! LOL
hmmmm.... I use brand biasa, fab/breeze. Janji jgn pakei byk gilak and I never put my clothes in the sun to dry. Always indoor. kering memang lambat sikit but pakaian sure tahan lama :D

C Rawkz, before I lupak, ada contest Coolest Kids coming soon.
Ya lah, that is y whenever i come across 'great finds', i will buy in few colours.If ada 5, 5 i grab!! :P

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