Friday, November 26, 2010

Us Women They Men

It was an accident.

How can it be an accident?? 
(don't use 2 question marks with me now
How do you accidentally thrust a p**** inside a v***** then poop! a baby comes out!?

'It just happened.' No, YOU made it happened. Don't blame it on the loneliness and whatever crap! Yes and No, we are not really getting to that subject. Just something that popped into my throbbing head while getting ready to blog. Couldn't wait to get my hands on the computer (though I'm in need of painkillers for my headache), have so much to say. The more I thought about it, the more and more ideas came and I'm afraid I'd lose it all if I keep ramblin' like this!!

I was watching a movie last night, these couple had their first kiss. Uuhhhh! So sweet and romantic and yes, very romantic to us women. We want more kiss, passionate passionate kiss but men, Oh MeN...! They only have one thing on their mind...
'When am I gonna get -there-?' AHH-HaHH! You tell me that isn't true! Hello, I'm the one who's blogging here. I get to say what I want to say, you are welcomed to comment.

They Are Show Offs

I happily parked my car, ready to buy my kids yummy KFC for dinner. He had to stop, honk few times (to get my attention) in the midst of looking for a parking space just to show off. Aha well.. Me jealous?? Because he was driving a Benzo? He used to drive an old Honda, with his windows down. He could see me very clearly but he only glanced (like every time I see him) like I was a total stranger. So, obviously honking at me was not to say hi (and smile and waved, through the glass window) but to show off, -haylo, look at my car- *PuKe*

urmm... 'They' means 'some men'

They Can't Lie (Well, some can. They attended classes for this thing)

I know when my sayang is lying. I can tell. Most of the time because he doesn't want to hurt me. I think most wives can tell when their husbands are lying~ 
~The hand touching behind the ear thing.
~The 'ah?? what was that honey??' asking to repeat the question to buy some few seconds to figure out how to answer the question 'who was that?'
~The going out to buy cigarette that lasts 2 hours

They Make You Go Weak

So weak you become selfish. So weak you didn't even think twice about leaving your home with your young children then called home asking for money to feed the kids but only to receive very little it turned you into a desperate runaway wife. Getting friends to purchase what you're selling trying to make a living, you think you can do it. Yes you can, but it's very hard. Should have thought about all these before following your angry heart giving your husband all the freedom without him even having had to ask for it. He's scott free while you have to figure out how to manage the kids, all by yourself. Your family are annoyed because they are forced to babysit. Can you blame your brother for refusing to borrow his car so you can get to the office to sit for a motivational meeting? Needing their support also means understanding they also have a life to live. You had a life before leaving home. Your man was cruel? You're emotionally abused? You married him, you decided on this path. Think of your children, it is not about YOU anymore. 

They Make You Strong

If I HAD to compete with the gorgeous bodies, I will have that super will power to not eat the tantalizing chocolate filled doughnuts smeared with the oh-lah-so-fresh cream. Parting with several thousand bucks to lose some kilos takes a very super woman. Think. How to choose??
Shoes can wait, body needs work. Needs tucking and toning. For the love of him. So he has his eyes for only moa :p ,instead of that little eye-candy in his office.
Then again, if he loves you for who you truly are, few fats here and there don't matter. Not trying to be something else makes us a strong individual. Men likes that. They might enjoy the temporarily pretentious attitude but after awhile, it's become a nuisance. When you're confident, it means that you are strong. One of the reasons why women are strong is because they KNOW that their men love them sincerely.

We need them, we don't need them. When they are around, we expect them to close the gate and turn out the lights before bed. When they are not around, we manage mowing the lawn all by ourselves. When we kiss them, we want love. We want their attention and their affection. When I give to you my all, I only hope you'd be loyal. When you are loyal, I'll make you coffee and let you smoke in the house :)


Wan Sharif said...

Rambling your headache away?

Ida Athanazir said...

Yes, I guess so.

Coffee Girl said...

Love this entry.. and some truths in it. No not some, a lot! esp the cigarette-buying that takes 2 hours. Lol. It's the age old dilemma... Cant live with them, cant live without them. Thats why men & women aren't built to be self-sufficient.

Anonymous said...

So many truths ;)

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