Saturday, November 27, 2010

That Time of The Month

Ahhh... What a relief. Ayu sure gives good massages. I've been having this headache since yesterday morning. I have been using the minyak urut ever since before Seri (who is 16 now) was born, my mother in-law would buy it in dozens whenever she flies to KL. I finished 2 whole bottles of this body massage oil during my confinement period with Seri. It is very very useful and comforting, I must say.

After my shower tonight, I grabbed these 3 'body essentials' and went straight to my eldest daughter's room and handed her the massage oil. Gave my back to her and let her work her magic hands on me while I prep my face (tone and give the touch of miracle) before heading for the computer. And I must say, I am seeing the result and it's so clear now! Yes, I am very happy with what I'm seeing in the mirror. But you have to be disciplined, you must at least use the 'miracle' essence twice daily. It's been exactly 3 months since I first opened my first 215 ml bottle, I think it would be at least another 1 or 2 weeks when I have to start using a second bottle. Worth every drop :D

It was a crazy Friday as there were a few things needed to be done at once. Delaying the panadol till last night before bed was a stupid thing to do. Waking up this morning I could still feel the light throbbing in my head. Thank you to my darling Ayu for her loving hands :)

But me being me and today's my off day, I just have to take the kids out to the shopping mall jalan jalan. First we went to the Jenny Boutique at Green Road, today was my first time there and the girls have been nagging me to drive them there for weeks. A few of my friends also recommended that I should visit the boutique. Well I Don't Like That Place! It's cramp, clothes literally everywhere and I had dust flying freely into my eyes. 

Urrrmm.. Helo, I have no problem with small places or bargain stores, but how do you find anything there?? They should take up a bigger place, no doubt, they do have a lot of clothes. You just need to be prepared to spend few hours there without having to have to worry about a hungry 6 year old little boy. But, I wouldn't go there again. Cramp and dusty. Sorry friends... I sound snobbish haa??!

Siti came with us

Then, we proceed to The Spring.. where else?? Ah yes! I also love Sarawak Plaza too ;) But the kids wanted to eat at the Spring's food court. Then of course, as usual, I would scout around Parkson for items I-might-want-to-buy. Really, I didn't plan on to spend my Nov paycheck, as if it is the time of the month to spend spend spend!! No! No! Let's not make that a habit now, ok? But if I ever bumped into items 'worth grabbing!', I will buy them. Like how I put it on Sarawak Blogger's twitter yesterday, [more like 'opportunity grabbing']  :)

I had the opportunity worth grabbing experience yesterday with these totally comfortable, great cutting, high quality cotton pants~

Yup! Only RM35.70 ya'll. I tried a few sizes (means still quite a few more left! go tomorrow laa!!) and settled with size 28 :)

The Executive @Parkson Spring

Trying on the gorgeous Sembonia (after less, RM70, on sale till tomorrow only), but only one pair left and it's a display pair. Don't want laa..

My black & brown Hush Puppies pumps are over 2 years old and they really worked hard for me. Rosak dah... I need new pairs. But nothing over RM100... The Hush Puppies cost me RM160 each when they were on sale but these Primaveras only cost me RM70 (Siti's comment- 'Aarrgghh! So you lah Kak Ida!!') means, my choice of design is so boring. Practical is my middle name, what can I say...? Original prize, RM140. Vincci? L** Cen***?? I purchased a few years back... no comment. HaAAAaa.. I'm done with shoes. Hmmm.. I said that before didn't I?? 

Hani with papa & Arman

Hani is my youngest girl

:') Bye.. we'll see you in few weeks

Hani with sis Seri, cousins Shasha & Dayini

I miss our Hani. Her Nek Girl (my mom-in-law) bought her tickets to fly to KL together with my nieces for the holiday. My in-law has a house in Taman Tun KL and I think the girls will become temporarily bibiks... hee.. heeee... They will help their grandma to do a spring clean on the house and why not?? Nenek is taking them around KL and maybe down south or even up north, I'm sure they will have fun. I saw Hani's fb stats the other day and she was really enjoying herself at the ice-skating rink. *miss you honey bunny*

I think I know why I'm having this continuous headache (I just figured it out), it's almost my time of the month. Flag up soon!

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AmirFX said...

Ada shopping kompleks baru ka kat jalan Green sia?! Best juak... Nway, pemilihan kasut nang biasa cemya kak.. Kmk pernah kenak tegur cemya juak.. "Nang stail kau lah!" haha.. Ayat nak salu kuar dari mulut kawan kmk...

Wan Sharif said...

Dah gi shopping..beli itu ini.. mesti dah rasa on top of the world.. keep beautiful and safe will you...

DrSam said...

once in a while, you need to pamper yourself too. Shopping can be a god detox to our hectic life.

Anggun betul botol pak aji tersepit celah-celah dua SKII tu..:)

Coffee Girl said...

i totally envy you... u have lots of time for shopping, in a day anyway. sigh... and that pants is gorgeous. :-)

Ida Athanazir said...

Amir.. sik ada complex baru, it's a shophouse biasa jak.

Wan.. beli murah murah and afordable, baru rasa betol betol on top of the world.

DrSam.. pak aji yg istimewa :)

CoffeeGirl.. i dont really have much time to shop. I make a bit of time, masa jalan jalan dgn kids i ambik peluang cuci mata & cuci poket ;)

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