Monday, November 1, 2010

Sing Me Some Sushi

You like? I love it  :) *stomach growling*

I have the complimentary Ten Ringgit Voucher that I have not used because I was waiting for the right time to enjoy dining at Sushi King with my darling hubby. I love going out on dates with him, so romantic... *dreaming going to Japan eating loads of fresh sushi..nyummm..*

Salmon is one of my weaknesses, one of my favorite foods. It's healthy, yummy and expensive!! So addictive! Eating sushi would make me sing happy tunes. OOoooohhhh, I want some now... All those raw smelly fishes (as sayang described it) are for me and darling hubby opted for the cooked ones, below. He doesn't take sushi, no he does not. Rugilah! :P "I eat nothing raw." He had said.

We decided to go to a more quiet outlet as we've had more than enough chaos in a day. I just wanted to enjoy my food in peace with my date. Meeting people was the last thing on my mind but oh was I wrong!

"Hi Kak Ida.." with a pat on my left shoulder. I turned and there she was in Sushi King uniform with that familiar sweet smile. 


18 year old Karen was one of the participants at my Teenage Karaoke Contest in July. She made it to the final but she didn't win the top prizes, nonetheless, she wowed us all from the beginning. Of course, she was the one who took our orders and before we left, I asked my 'date' to take a photo of us together. 

I couldn't help it, my work-mode went back ON. I was telling her to join our FB page and get updated on my future events. I would LLLLLOVVVVE to hear her sing again. So happy & I was so glad that I got to meet her again after all these months.

One of my favorite events to organize is a singing contest. You'll be surprised at how much talent we have in town, they literally just came out of nowhere. Very raw and real. I could stand there for three hours straight just listening and admiring the young talents singing their hearts out entertaining everyone who're watching. I'd like to organize another singing contest soon, but... But, it's the end of the year and budget pun dah kureng. We'll see..


~MualimShah~ said...

I have Rm20 sushi king vouchers!!!
Nyum Nyum

Wan Sharif said...

Sushi yang saya makan.. kat hotel/convention center saja.. Oops masa hadir mesyuarat, kursus, seminar atau workshop.. free lah tu.. kalau kena bayar sendiri saya cari yang saya suka.. lamb beriani dan yang sewaktu dengan nya.. ha..ha.

Kenny De said...

wondering if i can be the guest artist in one of ur event :)

AinnalinaRamdzan said...

Sushi... Sushi...Sushi...Sushi...
Kak Ida, I sing sushi song for u

Ida Athanazir said...

M Shah, I have another RM10. Soon abang sayang akan dipaksa bawa saya berdating :)

W Sharif, kalo free lagi seronok. Sebab tu saya only pegi bila ada free voucher, kalo kena bayar 100%, kering poket :P Woohh! Lamb! Tak boleh byk tuh...

Kenny De, boleh... tapi free okay kah?? :D

Ainna, tq. I can hear the song from here :))

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