Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nestle World Walking Day 2010 - D Day

Nestle World Walking Day 2010
stage backdrop

When I woke up at 4:45 am, I didn't want to believe it was the rain that I was hearing.  I prayed hard that the rain would stop... It would either continue to rain (heavily) or it would just stop. Had butterflies in my stomach when arriving at the venue at 5:30am... Still drizzling and non of my colleagues were there yet to man the counters but about 50-80 people was already in queues forming a few lines. OMG! I thought... They wanted to register already but I couldn't start alone. 

I had a nightmare last night; I was late this morning :O

Dayang and Zain arrived first, then the others came. Before I knew it, the sun was already up and over 1,000 people were already lining in queues waiting to register and to receive their free Nestle World Walking Day t-shirts. Though tired and thirsty and hungry, I enjoyed myself especially the team work. Most of us (about 15-20 people at the registration counters) had just met but self introductions had to wait. They were Nestle people from Kuching & Kuala Lumpur offices, staff's spouse and my own colleagues. 

I like these kinds of events, what I bring back home are invaluable experiences and new friends to add to my list of contacts. My colleagues learned a lot from other events I've organized, hopefully they too gained something today. 

After registration, we all joined the crowd with the aerobics. After a short warming up, it's the WALK :D Other activities include lucky draws, entertainment by local artists, games for kids and balloons give-aways by clowns. Thank god it didn't rain. It was a very very beautiful morning,  I must say. 

...working hard and as fast as we could behind the registration counters *pose dulu ;)*

The Crowd

with their friends :)


...half way thru the 2km walk

darling Irma

sweet Munirah

lovely Salbiah

I couldn't believe my eyes when I turned and saw endless longggg queues.. We only hoped that we had enough t-shirts for everyone. T-shirts were given away free but they were limited. Seeing a sea of people in green truly wowed me. Thank you Sarawak people for participating in the World Walking Day at Kuching Waterfront today. 

I can't wait next year :))


..reaching the registration counters (we opened 6 counters),
 started at 6am till 8am. T-shirts licin habis!


Aerobics session before the WALK,
huge huge crowd!

the biggest t-shirt of the day :)

Tony & I, happy with the success


AinnalinaRamdzan said...

wow... 'hot' nya sambutan... for sure ktk hepi kan kak.... Ad 2 kemungkinan sambutan 'hot' ya kak...samada warga swak tk mmg concern about healthy lifestyle... @ they just love freebies ho? hehe

cyrildason said...

too bad I woke up late.. Im really not a morning person. Next year, lets make it bigger. I think social events like this is good to promote :-)

Coffee Girl said...

Yeah (echoing Cyril) too bad I woke up late too. *yawn* rained heavily man. Nothing makes the bone lazier like a heavy downpour at 5.30am and onwards. LOL

is there a 'World Jogging Day'? i wud love that. asal jangan ahad jak lah. buat lah saturday ke

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ida, I love the pics here. The green t-shirts are nice.
And you look really lovely too....that smile of yours can light up a whole street.
I can imagine the fun you and your gang had.
Have a great week, and hold that lovely smile of yours, Lee.

Ms Tikot said...

T-shirt ijo ya kacak... ada agik kah ;-)

Ida Athanazir said...

Ms Tikot.. no more dear. Very limited, some people who were in queue did not get the t shirt. Sorry :(

Wan Sharif said...

Fabulous event ..working with fabulous group of people.. I see.. a very successful event..Yeah!

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