Thursday, November 11, 2010

Job Hunting

so white

I give you work, you complain.. No work, you said you'd do anything for a job. Aduhhh... duhhh..

Alhamdulillah, I am blessed to have the job that I have now. I didn't have much 'papers' to impress my interviewers but I sure talked a lot! And I was quite convincing as well. I didn't get myself anywhere when I sent in resumes... It had to be a walk-in. I nailed most of them. Of course, you have to be sincere, they can tell if you're just making up stories simply to have better chances to be selected. 

For the job I have now, I was invited to apply for the vacant position personally by the top management. We had done few JVs together and they've seen my capabilities... Before this job, I was not looking else where when I was with the other company. I simply had no spare  time, too busy and I was comfortable. Though always very occupied (the reason also why I didn't have time to hunt for other *better* jobs), it did cross my mind how long I was going to work there. How long will it take me to earn RM10,000 monthly... (!!??!!!) Hee hee.. aiya, mesti got vision you know.

*if you're going for an interview, wear kurungs & matching flats as shown in above photo :p* 

A friend told me a giant company is laying off a large number of workers. I mean.. I was quite surprised! It's a reputable company and they're giving few months notices to 6 out of their 8 admin staff. Wow! In another state, 8 are leaving out of 10. The management broke the news last month and of course the only thing left to do was, cry. 

Another friend just finished her 6 month contract. 6 month??! Why would you even consider a 6 month contract? "Well they say, usually it will be renewed..." Ya right! If no signs of renewal, whatcha gonna do??

"Urrmmm... sorry. We cannot comment on your renewal. Don't know lorr..."

Her contract expired in October, now she's with another sister company. 

"Oh good!" I exclaimed. 
"So, they're giving you a new contract? If no contract, they can kick you out anytime you know..?"

"No lah.. they cannot kick me out. They have to give me one month notice Kak ida." She answered me.

"Ehemm, helo Cik Kak.., how are they going to give you 1 MONTH NOTICE with no CONTRACT to refer to??' I explained to her.

Duhhh... no one is indispensable these days ya'll, including me. People say it is rezeki sorang sorang, but you have to make it happen. There must be a reason why the management is terminating your service or not renewing your contract. 

Sayang told me a friend's colleague was fired because she blogged nasty things about the company she's working with. One time, she scanned the internal memo, posted it on her blog and let out (literally) all the harsh words towards her employer. Whatever lahh... That's plain stupid. One more donkey in the community. Huh!

Some people can get a new job in no time, for some, it takes months or even years. But if you are looking elsewhere (while still working), *just between you and me*, don't have to kepo kepo story to any of your colleagues lah, hah?? Cannot just simply trust anyone, remember that now. Good Luck with your hunt :)


Coffee Girl said...

All the best for the interview then. Break a leg hunniiii!!! hehe

Globalized Dayung said...

Good luck...blogging is not to pour out your anger & even fb also!! Not good. I always limit I'm goin to write in my fb & blog. Make it simple & of course blog is for others to read & understand us as bloggers..

Serene said...

lol never add office related persons in own personal social medias XD But best of all, jz express in general like a riddle :P

But kinda true, can't trust own colleagues 100% ><

Anonymous said...

Kak, ada vacancy jadi your asstnt?

AinnalinaRamdzan said...

Like....Like....Like ur So white shoe....

~MualimShah~ said...

gud luck!

AmirFX said...

Gud Luck kak...!

Ida Athanazir said...

pa lah you ni.. bukan I yg carik kerja lah.

did i imply anything bout moving my cheese elsewhere?? No lah...

haha, tq for the luck anyways. But, I am staying. Blum minat nak kerja kat lain :)

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