Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hearty Laksa Sarawak

The morning of Hari Raya Aidiladha 

What was on my mind when I woke up yesterday morning?? Fooodd! And I've guessed right :)

We're invited for makan-makan and tahlil at Chi's Idot's (mummy's sister) at 10am. Chi' Idot is just so lucky to own this house, standing from her living room, I could see the Sungai Sarawak amidst her well kept garden. Don't see it?? Look closerrrr... (teropong ahh!!) ;p

Yup, I was wondering and guessing what would the menu be this morning. Laksa Sarawak?! Urrmmm... drooling lah you all, sorry ya!? I had one bowl, and why not? I had a second serving. It is one of my favorites, very fattening and high in cholesterol but Oh My Blog! Unbeatable.

A bowl for my sayang.. yeah, he just sat there. Chit chatting with his uncles and poof! out of thin air, a bowl of ready-to-eat laksa Sarawak literally landed on his hand

Garnishes (..stop drooling now, please)

Others (because I considered the laksa Sarawak as the main serving),
roti canai, ketupat, lemang, rendang etc.

Arman with his uncles (my hubby's cousins)

The cook, Chi' Idot. She didn't sit at all, the whole time! Too busy making sure everyone has enough to eat. Which reminds me of sayang's late grandmother, the late Nek Jijah

Borneo Love enjoying one of Sarawak's great dishes, 
the Laksa Sarawak

I'm seldom moody, I am human you know. *ishhh!..excuses* When something pissed me off, I could feel I'm ready to explode. If I cannot explode, I'll have to contain it inside and that would sometimes leave me feeling moody, discouraged and distracted. When I'm distracted, I cannot do my work, when I can't do my work, I will get more frustrated. And often, another incident just had to occur at the same time and upset me even more. Bummer!

All you want to do next is be home and just, be home. 

Things don't always go the way you want them. That's always tough. But asking a stupid question when everything is set and you're sounding like a typical I-want-more-than-what-I-give old grouch is making you look so CheaP. And please, not too near to the hypocrite. Go get yourself a bowl of laksa and get a life!!

Lucky though, I come across a major donkey at this point in my life and hopefully I won't have to, ever again, or will I?? Once is enough and one has no choice but to experience the radar of nuisance on a daily basis. 

Speaking of daily basis, you're easily hooked to the Laksa Sarawak but remember, you cannot have it everyday. Bad for your heart.

So....., what's for breakfast tomorrow?? ;P


CoKeLaT-RaWkZ said...

I jarang jarang sekali makan laksa sarawak w/pun sedap gila tp entahlah. the last bowl i had was ... bila hooo??? hmmmmm.... bulan September kah???? Ya, September.. dah boring makan nasik so I bought laksa sarawak. jarang2 makan dalam setahun boleh dikira kurang dari 8 mangkuk kali.

Ida Athanazir said...

ya kah?? Kamek makan dalam seminggu ada lah sekali i think. Sik boleh selalu juak eh.

Wah.. that was 2months ago? hee hee... lamak ya eh!

Anonymous said...

Esok saya carik s'wak laksa :)))

kallyempire said...

feel like eating laksa already..musti Laksa Sarawaj jer!

Ida Athanazir said...

Kally, kalau dah cuba, mesti nak lagi!

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ida, wow! That laksa Sarawak sure looks delicious.
The last time I ate it was wayyyy back in the '80s during my business trips there. Love it.
So many laksas far haven't seen a laksa Toronto, ha ha.

Hey, I love that scene from the patio, can see Sarawak river.
I can imagine the house must be very beautiful.
And psssst, you look really gorgeous too, *wink*.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ida, do me a favour, get me the best laksa Sarawak recipie you know....I want my wife to try it. Can? Thanks, Lee.

Azmi said...

Hi Kak Ida. Mas n I have the Laksa Sarawak paste but belum dipolah lagik... Seeing the gambar, i think i'll masak for lunch lah :)

Nang Nek Jijah brought up very good daughters :) ney pernah yak janah, chik idot or the late wa nimi & anjang ima pernah duduk mun ada apa2 majlis di rumah... sedih mikir n ngenang aunty2 n nenek yg dah sik ada...

So laksa sarawak for lunch 2moro then :)

take care :)

AinnalinaRamdzan said...

Kak Ida, I want some.... cook for me please... hehe

Ms Tikot said...

Nyaman nya rupa laksa ya, dahlah udang nya besar...

Linda said...

Lama tak pekena laksa Sarawak. Tak sabar nak terbang ke bumi kenyalang lagi. Happy New Year kak!

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