Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Goodbyes

Arman showing off his skills, 
Papa said he should take up soccer when he enters 
Primary 1 next year :)

It's Friday and kids are at my in-laws'. They usually have their Quran class at 5pm but Ustaz has gone back to his hometown, so no classes for a few weeks. Mummy is flying to KL tonight with her 4 granddaughters (one of which is my daughter, Hani) and they will be there for about a month. 

Dad flew much earlier because my brother in-law has been travelling with Sasha Bashir as a behind the scene photographer for Dansa, so, there is no one home (family home in TTDI, KL) to accompany my sister in-law who is studying at UITM Shah Alam. He didn't like the idea my sister in-law home alone although she is already an adult.. maklum, anak bongsu ;) Kesian my father in-law, has to do his own laundry the past few weeks :D I'm sure he can't wait for mummy to be there with him.

I will miss my Hani. 

And I'm gonna miss Rainbow Montessori... I've been saying this for the last couple of months (I think) because we're not ever going back to the school ever again. Ayu was the first to attend Selina's Rainbow Montessori Pre-school, followed by Seri then Hani. 

Ayu's first day of school at Rainbow Montessori Pre-school in 1996 (she was 4 then)

Arman brought back home an impressive report card with his cup and toothbrush/toothpaste on Thursday. Oh my... The cup is making me feel emotional :( No more brushing his teeth with his classmates

Yesterday was his last day at school... Funny though, I don't have photos of him on his first day. I did not have a camera or camera phone of my own then but now, I have everything I need to capture whatever memories I want to keep. 

We have a gift for Selina but haven't gotten the chance to pass it to her yet. Will try to drop by at her house today. I hope she'll like it. Before we left school yesterday, all his teachers were telling him to study hard and don't ever forget about them :') Goodbye Rainbow...

Terok lah I.. so emo *sob sob sob*

Between sobs I am also very happy, to have all my kids with me at home, till tonight when Hani will fly to KL for a month. We went to the Spring last Wednesday to look for a gift for Selina, had dinner there and brought back home some Big Apple Donuts. It's always fun going out with the kids.

Wooohhhh...! I've to rush to Kuching Waterfront now, some setting ups to do there and have to get few extra t-shirts for my colleagues who are helping me out at the registration counters. I will be there by 5:30am tomorrow morning, InsyaAllah and hopefully the sky will turn out to be as beautiful as it was this morning. I don't want to think about the r**n. 

See you at the Nestle World Walking Day!

Few people asked me where I bought my gray t-shirts 
(yes, I have a few)

What brand??

Other colours? Yes, they also have it in black and white

Available At Parkson, It's Byford for men :)


Shirly said...

hai there.. I would like to join the World Walking Day for tomorrow.. so, what time can we register at there? how many T-shirt provided by the Nestle? we sure can get the shirts once we register?

Ms Tikot said...

Byford for men??? x apa for men, asalkan selesa kak owh... ;-))

Alv0808 said...

Soemtimes I bought shirt for guy..for my own hahhaa..I feel sexy when I wore it..hehhe

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