Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cool or Cruel Mommy

Siti with her new (14inch) Dell

Pure bliss..! That is what my darling sister was experiencing on Saturday. Her long awaited new computer has arrived! (not that long, but it sure felt forever to her!) She insisted wanting the 14 inch screen, "So big??!" I commented. 

I'd prefer a notebook as well instead of the netbook. I definitely would develop premature wrinkles if I ever gonna use the small screened netbook. Why?? Trying to figure out the little figures does no good to your delicate feature, agree?? Automatically squishing your upper part of the face is most definitely gonna give you ugly wrinkles between your eyes and on your forehead. Dah lah luguk, wrinkle jak agik.. ish ish ish.. kesian. 

Computer, cell phones.. we sure cannot live without them these days. 
'You Complete Me' (?????... what was that?..) LOL

But I am not laughing out loud. An easy laugh will do, do not want my sweet daughter to listen to my happy happy tunes. Because she's not enjoying her 'phoneless' life this very moment. What have I done?? I know for teenagers nowadays, cell phones are almost like their whole world. 

I've been bad. Cruel.

Am I cruel?? I've been dubbed as a cool mom. Am I cruel for taking my daughter's cell phone from her as a punishment? It was over a deal and she agreed to it. I had to take the phone away from her, had to live up to my words. When I say it, I meant it. But I feel guilty. Friends around me said I'm being too hard on her, sayang thinks so too. "For how long..?" He had asked me. I honestly don't know...

her phone tucked away in my handbag

No textings (which she does likes every moment!), no incoming or outgoing calls from and to her friends, no textings, no textings, no textings. I'm stuck. Of course this won't be forever. I'm thinking to give back the phone to her in January, when school begins for the year 2011. Fair?

Duhh... I want to be fair. And I also want them to know that 'yes' means yes, and 'no' means no. Don't want them to think.. "Alaa.. Mama is just saying that. She didn't really mean it." 

You all, I've raised three teenage girls. There will come a point when they reached puberty,  somehow, they would be a bit secretive or should I say, alienate themselves from you for a year or two.. I thought it's just me (or maybe it IS me??), but I experienced it with all my three girls. Eventually, they'll open up, they will share their life stories with you. Boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, notes boys gave to them.., teenage gossips etc. It's like a time when they transformed from little kids, to a young woman. They didn't share much, they didn't talk much. I noticed the changes, but I just observed from far. Let them grow. 

I love this photo with my daughters :)

I don't want to be labeled a Cruel Mom, no mothers would appreciate that. But I have to BE a parent. Guidelines and disciplines must be adhered. They will know that what we are 'imposing' upon them are for their own benefits. We too as adults still have a lot to learn, and we sometimes learn from our own offspring. Big ego with huge head don't get us parents anywhere. Does not mean that we are older we are wiser, children these days are much smarter and we should listen to their opinions and more refreshing ideas. 

As for darling Siti, I hope she will find what she's been looking for... by staring at the computer 24/7! I'm (almost :p) sure she will learn a lot more new things and hopefully to share them with her nieces, my girls. 

"Do you girls know that there are more than 6 billion people living on this earth??" 
"And survey showed that Malaysians have the most number of facebook friends?"

More Siti.. We want morrre!!

Sayang helped Siti with the online order and 
the Dell was delivered to our house


AmirFX said...

Zaman remaja nang ada mancai sikit.. Tidak d nafikan... hehe..

Tiq said...

i love the daughters-mommy photo! sooooo lovely!

Globalized Dayung said...

Dell teringat time ku beli Dell, skali pakai bank cek!!! Seminggu ka ya datang...tok dah leju mok pakai, aim mok beli MacPro, senang ku polah kerja ku pakai software yg windows reject tapi Mac suka sebab ngumpan pakai Apple

Ida Athanazir said...

i sik kedah.. mac kah, apple kah, orange kah, dell.. acer?? asal dpt ber blog! ;)

Coffee Girl said...

it's ok. its tough being a mommy and at the same time be a buddy. your kids will thank you one day.

Ida Athanazir said...

coffee girl, i hope so too. Tq sis :D

Ain said...

i skipped reading half of what u wrote here cos my eyes can't stop looking at how pretty Siti is hehe...

Ida Athanazir said...

Ain, if Siti dengar sure pecah hidong nya! :P

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