Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Challenges In Life

check out day ~ 14.11.2010

check in day ~ 26.6.2010 (about 5 months ago)


Has it been 5 months?? My Ayu did not come back home that often during the weekends of her first semester in University, she had too many assignments to do and co-curriculums to attend to. But I'm glad Ayu is having fun being a University student, we missed her, a lot. Yesterday Ayu was saying Arman must be missing his big sister so much that whenever Ayu is not in sight, he would go looking (in the house) for his Kak Ayu and asks, "Where are you going? Where were you??"

End of their first semester.. now it's cuti time :D

But I can't help but think about one of Ayu's roommates. The mother is very very ill and Ayu's friend is caring for her. I hope she stays strong, for the sake of her younger siblings. When we visited their house last Sunday, I couldn't stop my tears from falling. At the age of 42 she's suppose to have a lot to look forward to. She's very weak and hasn't eaten more than a day.. anything she consumed would come out again and again. "berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul."

I've been wondering these few days, after our visit that day. That, how is she feeling waking up everyday? What is she thinking when all she could do is lie there. What's on her mind??... When the rest of us are waking up thinking what to have for breakfast, and instantly decide to delay our shower because it's our off day. Then complain for we don't have enough butter to spread over our already toasted bread. Most of us ARE very very lucky. 

All I could say to her was to be strong and try eating bit by bit, not to think too much about her illness. That was all I could do. I really pity the kids :'(

My auntie who lives about few minutes away from our home lost her son last weekend. I went to pay my last respect early yesterday morning before going off to work. Al-fatihah... These are reminders to us all that our lives are very fragile. Often we forget. Always we take for granted. Boom!! When it structs, all you could do is trying very hard to remember what was the last thing you said to him/her. When was the last time we see him/her smiling at us.  

Ya Allah, please give their families the strength to face these life challenges. 

Ayu's all packed

She will be moving into a new building next year, InsyaAllah

Goodbye College Seri Gading 2b

By January next year, Ayu & her college mates will face more challenges and life experiences being undergraduates. Before I know it, Ayu will be facing the real world with a lot more obstacles that will eventually mold her into an individual that I hope I can rely on to give me a good back rub! 

Enjoy your holiday Ayu sayang :)


miZZ_bUtteRfLy said...

same goes with me too..
hepi holidae to ur daughter..

Tiq said...

so true kak, sometimes we tend to take things for granted. yalah nama kita tok manusia kali. To Ayu's friend & family, kamek harap sidak tabah dlm menjalani hidup seharian. bena kata kitak, "berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yg memikul" Sebak kamek maca post kitak tok.

Ayu, enjoy ur holidays especially with ur family! hehehe

Selamat Hari Raya Haji Kak !!

CoKeLaT-RaWkZ said...

wah..sik sempat mek urg mrasa dok kolej baru.; dolok sri gading ya hutan belantara.. tempat jogging mek urang.

besar dah UiTM nektok.. jaik ati ngenang semua memori di sia.

anyway, UiTm di Hatiku.

AinnalinaRamdzan said...

Lamak cuti anak ktk, kmk 3 mggu jak ct...Huhu

Ida Athanazir said...

selamat hari raya to all of you dear friends :)

Ainna, cuti lamak lamak pun boring juak

C Rawkz, yup! memang besar the school. It's very peaceful juak and the air is so so fresh lah!

Tiq, kita ya sehat mesti slalu ingat and kalau boleh bantu, kita coba apa yang terdaya.

M butterfly, enjoy ur Raya Haji too.

Qash said...

kak ida, dat is my cousin (2nd from the left, d first pic)!! sama2 kt doakan mak kwn ayu ya semoga cepat sembuh.

suka mek blog ktk kak ida, slamak tok baca jak, sik penah berik komen, skali terpampang muka kazen mek tek, alu kejeron jak asa nak berik komen! hee~~

selamat hari raya haji kak ida!

Ida Athanazir said...

Hi Qash,

Awww...! tq dear, i'm glad you like it 'here'. They are all roommates, sik berasa dah 5 months berlalu. Sedih kmk ngenang.

selamat hari raya aidiladha to u too :D

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