Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Borneo Love Turned 2

Yesterday my darling blog turned 2. 
Happy belated Birthday Borneo Love.

And I missed it. How could I?? How? Do you think I would miss blogging about MY BloG's birthday on purpose? No, of course not. I was very very tired after Sunday. Well, yaaa...!! My age is catching up with me. Lesser energy and without proper recharging, I'm just a walking 'human' (what the???..???????). 

It's Tuesday and I could still feel that I am not at ALL 'there', just yet. 

I was supposed to do this post last night but when I woke up, it's already the 23rd. Arman needs company whenever he's ready to doze off, so lying down next to him last night was a sure 'goodbye' to the day. Couldn't help it, I was still feeling exhausted even after sleeping for 9 hours on Sunday night. I've to remind myself I am not like I was ten years ago. But all these activities are keeping me feeling young at heart.. Kah kah kah!! :p

One of the few things that I do TRY to practice to maintain good health is not to overeat. Ehemm.. But one cannot deny the power of appetite. Hmmm.. I was not that hungry today at noon (had a hearty breakfast) and I could actually last till dinner (if it wasn't for my 'appetite') with just some biscuits and water to stay sane. But when I saw these dishes they were selling at the food stall nearby our office, I just had to ask, "Satu nasi bungkus kak."

I would go weak at the sight of 'peria goreng' and 'lobak masin' (salted radish)... duhhh... I'm drooling now. Can't have the salty lobak without rice now, can we?? That was about 3-4 tablespoons of rice and hefty servings of these two irresistible local favorites :) 

The only thing missing was fried fish. I didn't ask for the ikan goreng today because I was supposed to be not hungry, remember? The oh-so-simple ikan goreng.. Oh My BLoG! I love it. Be it ikan kembong, ikan bawal, ikan kilat or ikan gonjeng (another one of my true favorite!)... As long as it's deep fried with turmeric, I am O.K. I'm very easy to feed, easy to maintain. No need to impress me with the steak or superb BBQ. These simple homemade Malaysian style dishes will keep me alive and kickin'!! I was kicking alright, say hello to some extra spare tire. No, these dishes aren't that fattening, but rice is just too hard to say no to. 

I miss my mom's ikan goreng. My parents fed us with lots of fish when we were younger, I didn't 'see' much fried chicken or yummy beef dishes on our dinner table that often. Mostly just Fish, Fish, Fish and all kinds of leafy vegetables. 

Beef, Fish or Chicken?  Fish for me, please. Thank you.

Back to the 'birthday cake', that is one cute little pink cake, don't you agree? I'm having a cake decorating competition in December, it sure is gonna be a whole lot of fun watching children decorating using their natural creativities. Can't wait! I bake, but I'm not much of a decorator :D But I would love to learn. Hmm.. but when?


ada van de kamp said...

deep fried ikan kembong for me too!

~MualimShah~ said...

epi bday borneo love!!!

Wan Sharif said...

Believed you have been taking time to enjoy life.. Do take supplement for any dietary deficiencies.. if necessary. I believe the more active you live your life (without going to the extremes), the longer you are going to maintain your energy level, or would you prefer your suppleness, litheness, graceness of movement..etcetera

Big Momma said...


anyway, my version of eating ikan kembong goreng mesti ada sambal belacan to ulam it... he he he

LadyBird said...

happy belated birthday Borneo Love...keep on blogging. :)

AinnalinaRamdzan said...

Selamat Hari Dijadikan Borneo Love.
Teruskan 'daring' when writting ya kak ida...
I'll always admiring dis 'Borneo Love'...

Noreen Ruszalin said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Kak ida don't worry lah you always looked young. :)

Ida Athanazir said...

'week' at the sight??! 'dom! dom!'

'in' the dinner table?!! 'ngong!'

I was so not compute, error here and there lah!!

Eh..tq so much you all. Such great supporters, I'm touched :')

hidup.. IKAN!! Keep blogging ya, u entertain me. Haha.. bunyi mcm Tom Cruise :p
Huh..! Maaf, I am not his fan ;)

Anonymous said...

Selamat! Looking forward to more interesting posts.

miZZ_bUtteRfLy said...

hehe..I like fish..oh fish..hehe..
BTW, you've been tagged! visit my blog 4 the details ya..hehe.

Ida Athanazir said...

hi mizz butterfly,

i will get to it as soon as i can. Thanx ya!! :D

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