Sunday, November 7, 2010

Arman's Pre-School Concert

Arman with headmistress Selina Kho

Arman's moment :)
Backdrop was decorated with lots of colorful butterflies, in memory of darling Kelly Sia Jia Xuan who left her dear friends in Feb this year... May her soul rest in peace. 

I left work early on Friday to bring Arman to MBKS. He must be there by 5pm. We arrived well before 5pm, found ourselves seats at backstage, sat down and I fed Arman an early dinner. He didn't finish the whole burger I bought for him at McD but at least he wouldn't starve when he performed later. Not too much drink though, don't wanna have to run to the loo now when it's time to be on stage..

Remember that speech?? Wow..! I was nervous for Arman, but I couldn't imagine how Selina was feeling. It's not an easy job organizing a pre-school concert, I mean, you have to make sure all the 3, 4, 5 & 6 year olds listen to your instructions. I know getting adults to listen to you is sometimes hard to do, what to say some pre-schoolers?? Half the time they're giggling and talking to their friends sitting next to them. No thanks.. I'll stick to my events.

And getting three 6 year olds to memorize three speeches is humongous pressure. Two of Arman's classmates were given the task to memorize speeches in Chinese & English each. Arman was given the honor to do the one in Bahasa Malaysia. He did so well, I'm so proud :') 

My mother in-law came and after Arman read his speech, sayang told me mom shed some tears. He was sitting next to him mom, he heard her sniffling. She's like that... Later she told Arman to prepare a speech for his Nek Boy's birthday next month. Ah!! Speaking of birthday, Borneo Love is celebrating her 2nd birthday this month :)

the proud mummy ;)

backstage, one hour before concert starts

with classmates, rehearsing their speeches & script 

they danced to the 'Nobody' song! Entertaining!! :D

post concert, one for the album

Arman with his proud Nek Girl

fans :))

Finale, Arman standing second from left

We are the parents :D

So glad it's over, and sad too. Two more weeks to school holidays, I do not know when I'm going to ever visit Rainbow Montessori again. We don't have plans for more babies, just yet. We first registered our eldest daughter Ayu to the pre-school 14 years ago... now she's a uni student. Selina gave them (all my kids) a good start, I seldom have to worry whenever each of my girls started their primary 1. Ayu, Seri & Hani could read & write very well in English & Bahasa Malaysia from the beginning of their school days. It's going to be a sad goodbye to Selina, I don't like goodbyes. Knowing me, I will cry.

Hmm... It's been a full weekend. Yesterday I was running all over town trying to clear my to-do list. Breakfast with everybody, stopped by at India Street to get ingredients for a cheesecake I've been delaying to bake since last week, material samples for the Mission I've Yet To Accomplish (sigh...), drive Ayu back to Kota Samarahan (she came home for one night to attend Arman's concert, then back to her final exams), bake a cake, looked for Arman's classmate's birthday present for a party that he's gonna attend at 7pm and attend a jemaah prayers (Maghrib & Isya) for my bos's father's 7th day passing. 

And boy I've so much to do at work tomorrow. Some last minute activities scheduled this month need publicities within these few days. No worries, computer ada. Otak ada, tangan ada, kaki ada, phone pun ada... Just Do It! :)

hopefully boss will pick one of these materials for my Information Counter staff


Anonymous said...

Congrats Arman, well done!!

Coffee Girl said...

So adorable! I remembered I went to my niece's kindy graduation day. She nailed her part real well, never missed her step. Dancing to Abba's Mamma Mia nonetheless! nya sik nebes, aku lagik rasa nak pengsan. hahaha

Ida Athanazir said...

hee hee.. I know how it was trying to stay 'not pengsan'. LOL
Last year they did the Mamma Mia number, sik berasa it was a year ago. Enjoy your week! :D

Globalized Dayung said...

Wah sudah selesai Arman speech nya...Tahniah Arman ngan kitak Kak

AinnalinaRamdzan said...

I noe Arman can do it... Anak Kak Ida la katakan... Cney gik tumpah bakat ktk mun x ke anak ho... I'm proud of u sis... (-_-)

Aih, aphl word verification tk nulis 'nonap', mentang2la kmk tk tgh final exam....hehe

Noreen Ruszalin said...

Arman is too cute lah kak ida. ;) how time flies

Ida Athanazir said...

Thanx so much u guys... appreciate the compliments. I'm so glad i have this blog to share my happiness with everyone


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