Saturday, November 13, 2010

Aku Twin

My beautiful mom with sis Siti

There are 5 of us siblings, from two mothers and one father. My dad remarried in 1989 and the result was, a new sister and an only brother (youngest). Ehemmm... my brother was born the same year (same zodiac sign as a matter of fact!) as my Seri. Yup..! Boleh tahan itew orang tua my bapak :D

My mother's children, me, Siti & twin sis Ina

Me & twin sis Ina

The other night Ina & I sat next to one another and my son commented how ALIKE we both looked. "You know, I was about to wear that same gray t-shirt. Nasib bait aku sik makei!!" Ina said to me with her wide eyes.

I only address myself 'AKU' to Ina, no one else. Otherwise, I'll use 'KAMEK' & 'KITAK' with others, that includes my sis Siti. I don't know why, maybe we are just TOO CloSe?? If I'm on the phone.. 

"..bla bla... bla bla bla Aku bla bla Kau AKU... kau.." you would know I'd be talking to my twin sis Ina. Sayang knows it too well already. Friends mistaken me & Ina is a very normal thing for us. And it happens EVERTIME I go out. E-V-E-R-Y-T-I-M-E. I think most of our primary school friends, who have known us for 25 years can tell the difference, which is Ida, which is Ina :D

Few weeks ago we were window shopping a the Spring shopping mall and there was this handsome guy walking towards me, with a smile. Looked like he was smiling at me but I didn't really think so. I didn't know him! I glanced behind me, there was no one. He was approaching nearer and his smile became friendlier. I was feeling all awkward because sayang was next to me, but I smiled back anyways. Before passing by me he said, "Hi, how're you doin'?". He asked. Then I replied quickly (trying to contain my surprise of an unexpected gesture by a stranger), "I'm fine, thanx." O_0 with a smile...

"I don't know who that was sayang.." Sayang just smiled at me.

But one gesture by a guy had sayang asked me the same question for the next couple of days. This guy held out his hand, and said something as if I did know him and of course, naturally, I shook his hand back. 

"Who was that??" Sayang asked. It also left me wondered whether or not I actually knew the guy, because I am very forgetful. When I conduct any of my events, I meet a lot of people. Some would register, some would just be a face. I am very sorry. Just that during my Event-Work-Mode, there're so many things went through my already chaos mind. I would not remember every new person I meet. 

I make a point telling every new acquaintance that I have a twin out there who looks just like me. Most people had commented how snobbish I am half the time. They would smile at 'me' but I would simply ignore them. *hmmm.. wonder why???* 

Brother Adi & youngest sis Zuria

Me & little sis Zuria

We seldom get together.. very seldom. We should. I wanna know what they're up to these days, their favorite food, favorite music, favorite tea.. heeheeee... Well, favorite things change all the time, I just like to be updated. 

My dad with his only son, Adi, and my step mom

The Five Of Us Anak Bapak
(ina, me *in my classic kurung*, zuria, adi & siti)


Globalized Dayung said...

When I look at your photos & ur twin, I remember my niece nephew twins. They are 4 of them. First twins are boys. 2nd twins are boy and girl. Both from the same parents but different years. 7 years apart...They are so cute when all 4 of them communicate with each other...

Ida Athanazir said...

2 sets in one family, wow! That's awesome.. I cannot imagine having 1 set myself. You know, somehow twins sometimes (rare) think alike. People always tell me how lucky I am being a twin, macam biasa jakk.. :D

Anonymous said...

It isn't easy being the eldest.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Wah Ida,

Reading your blogs help me to know your family better. Now I know you have 5 siblings but from different mothers. You and Ina really look alike, I don't think I can identify which one is which, if i ever met you somewhere. But glad that your husband can identify you as his wife. ahaks!

And oh well, i guess you really need to get along well or be close to you younger sister and only brother. My brothers and I are quite close. But the funny thing is, I speak Malay to my eldest bro but Iban to my 2nd bro. Just like you use "Aku" only to your sister. Hahaha!

Ok then, Ida. Have a nice day!

P/s : Are you sure that it wasn't me whom you met at the Spring?

Ida Athanazir said...

hahaaa... was it you??
sorry, did not recognize! :P

Noreen Ruszalin said...

u siblings are so pretty lah kak ida

Ida Athanazir said...

hee hee.. tq dear. Bapak ensem!! :P

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