Sunday, October 31, 2010

Winner's Lesson

with today's Kids Halloween Costume Contest winner, 
Nenek Kebayan

Me & my team are so happy that our event went well today. Seri said I should dress & look like a vampire, and so I did. Did I??? I wanted to rent a costume but it would cost too much so I bought a 3 meter black satin material, cut a hole at the center and slipped into it and whalla!!

I don't know... I don't think I looked scary at all. My eye makeup looked more like Cleopatra's. Huh.. I tried, but I admit I didn't try hard enough. Maybe I should added some 'blood' smear around my mouth or, blood tear drops. The kids did so much better. 

this shirt I also have one in 'red'

"No littering, no spitting, no smoking, no spanking (??), 
no name-calling..!"

"no, I wouldn't lend you my golden wig, 
you miss black hair emcee YOU."

"whyyy?!! but I wantttt... you are such a witch!!"

with top winners

Post Event, as always, with a super jumbo smile on my face :D

Just a short one tonight. I am poofed. Need a shower, good scrub, clean my face and sleep. Three more weeks to go before another event (Nestle World Walking Day). I hope I didn't forget to say thank you to anyone today. My colleagues were great! And the judges.. they did such a terrific job, sitting there for over an hour. Few reporters came and I am going on a newspaper shopping spree the next couple of days. Our sponsors would very much appreciate it if they saw their brands printed by the press.

I am training my new staff to coordinate events. One day, she will take over from me and hopefully she's been taking notes. You cannot 'teach' these things... most things as a matter of fact. I got her to do things hands on and the most important lesson is, focus. Listen, don't be too big headed to ask and only say yes if you understand. If you still don't get it, it's okay... With passion and determination, semua kacang lah!! A sure winner :)


Paper Cutting Out on 1st November 2010
The Star


Anonymous said...

Gigi budak tu lawak habis. Pandai mak die solekkan.

Globalized Dayung said...

Mun kitak ada topi ngan idung macung palsu baru nampak witch benar!!! Hehehehe. Tema aku taun tok Princess Pocahontas...

wa kaljis said...

kiut da jak neneh kebayan ya hehehe... ada juak contest kedak ya hoh... :)

Kenny De said...

syg na juak kmk xda gi pasar hari minggu ya te. terperuk di kpg jak.huhu!

Jiji said...

Witch modern itu, dengan rambut blond.

AinnalinaRamdzan said...

U look 'ayu;... x takut lgsg kmk mun nemu vampire kdak ktk kak... Hehe

Ida Athanazir said...

Ainna, haha.. i was suppose to look scary. tq.

Kenny, next time jgn sik dtg. Happening lah!

Jiji, yes, i never seen a more pretty witch

Wa Kaljis, ada. Kmk molah every year. Ikut these, kelak ada something for valentine gik.

G Dayung, wahhh.. sexy pocahontas ya but very natural. Princess hutan :D

Noreen Ruszalin said...

alolololo tomeinyer nak dress up bagai

Globalized Dayung said...

Pocahontas ya dlm kartun Kak Ida...yang ori pun ni ada ya seksi...Nya sik kawien ngan John Smith tapi John lain...hehehe

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