Friday, October 15, 2010

Weddings & Friends

nadia & zechary (on their engagement day July this year)

Catching up on the latest movies are just not in my top 10 to-do list these days. I simply don't have the time... As much as I would love to enjoy the 2 hour bring-me-to-the-fiction-world once in a while, slotting the time is seldom easy as I have events to manage during most weekends and by night time I'd be too tired to keep my eyes & brain awake. Sayang would get pissed sometimes when he would find my eyes closed lying down on the floor in front of the tv, when he found himself talking to himself commenting on the movies. He usually prefers watching movies with all of us at home, not alone.

But I managed to catch up with few movies (in one seating) while working (Sssshhhhh...) a few weeks ago. I was truly touched with the movie Dear John...

Ohhhh... L-U-R-V-E... Love, love, love.. LOVE. There is nothing more sweeter, greater, hotter and heart breaking than love, don't you agree? I could really relate to the movie, falling in love, everyday waiting anxiously for love letters to arrive, reading the contents written by your buah hati, then, replying to the letter--- telling him/her everything that's been going on with your everyday life. I would get 2-3 letters weekly from my boyfriend :D Missed him so much and imagine those days, no cell phones. And my house didn't have a land line. We just wanted to be together, all the time... Just like any couple who are madly in love.

I have not met darling Nadia in person (in above photos), she's engaged to my dearest cousin Zechary. Thank god for FB, Nadia and I are feeding ourselves with each other's daily happenings and slowly starting to get to know one another.

I missed their engagement as it was done outside Kuching, I hope I will make it to their wedding next year, insyaAllah... Still a few more weddings to be expected in the family, including my darling sister's, Cik Siti Ruziah :)

all of us cousins had the pleasure of attending cousin nina's beautiful wedding about a year ago... wonder who's next to get hitched 
(Siti or Nadia first??)

**Part of this post has been removed**

Believe it or not, I have not met *** yet. Siti has been trying to 'book' a slot from my busy schedule (oh dear! I sound so mean! As if my darling sister has to make an appointment with her own sister??!) to arrange for me to meet with her boyfriend. *sorry darling sis, time I'm free, you got dinner here and there.. time you're free, I pulak busy* One day... I will get to meet Siti's darling, insyaAllah :)

**Photos Removed**
hmmm... with these photos published, the two of you have no choice but to come up with a 'plan' (to wed!)... :p

And speaking of engagement, don't you just adore those beautiful wedding gowns and kurungs/kebayas (which do you prefer Siti? *wink*)? Most women prefer to custom made and some would just settle with the ready made. Darling Myza is a popular model... I had the intention to feature photos of her with her sweetheart but, sister Siti told me she's single at the moment. Myza & Siti are good friends and to me, her friends are like my extended sisters too :)

lanky and gorgeous myza models for a local bridal boutique in Kuching

myza with beatiful (and oh-so-fair) tara
(I must say, Kuching has a lot of pretty (and very fair) looking ladies)

Some friends of mine from Semenanjung think these ladies are Eurasians, born of mixed parentage. But no, we Sarawakians are mostly naturally fair (except me..! I have the sawor matang skin colour though my great grandfather was a pure chinese).

myza with her fellow model friends and Fauziah Latiff

myza (far left), Siti (second from right), with friends

I wonder how is Siti gonna pick which friend is to be her maid of honor.. She has a lot of friends and I bet that half of the wedding banquet hall will be filled with her friends alone. It is no surprise to me that Siti gets a lot of the 'cepu mas' question these days... We her family can't wait to see her as a bride. And a radiant happy bride she will be :D


perfect gift for friends & loved ones 

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Anonymous said...

True, women in Sarawak memang lawa lawa.

hanahani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hanahani said...

wahh..thx dear sis...with all the lovelly comments about my friends & myself..will try to booked u (hahahah...mcm bunyi wanita keparat jakk maok book book tok.. :P) to catch up with miki one day..mmuahh mmuahhh!!

hugs & kisses
ruziah XOXO

Anonymous said...

Maybe the two of them should marry at the same time. Ha ha ha Save and more economy.

AmirFX said...

Wasehhh.. Tahniah untuk wedding couple... Adoh2.. Turn kmk gik belum tok.. haha..

Coffee Girl said...

Yah... kitak pun kacak juak bah. :-)

Ain said...

yup, u r right. I met many lovely sarawakian gals when i studied there. i miss Kuching!

Ida Athanazir said...

hanahani.. i love you too sis! ;p

Amir, yes, memang nunggu fellow bloggers yg single mingle upload wedding fotos :)

Coffee girl, tq. Terima kasih byk byk!

Ain, come to kuching for cuti lah. Here as you know it, have loads of great food!

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