Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Start Young

Arman with one of his limbs, the Sony PSP

My stomach is bloated. I feel I really need to 'cleanse'.. Been eating too much meat and my body is lacking fiber. Feel like I have so much toxin stored in my intestine and I don't go to toilet as much as I'm supposed to. 

I love meat, what can I say?? Chicken.. red meat.. ahhhhhh.............. love them! But I do realize I must cut down on them and take more fish & fibers. 

I tried the PHYTO fiber my mother in law introduced to me few months ago and it really cleanse your system. You will feel lighter and so much cleaner. I would recommend it for whoever intends to lose weight and detoxing. So..., I gulped down five huge slices of papayas & honey dews at lunch today and hopefully they will work their way down my system and cleanse and GO! I will do the fiber thing this weekend as I don't dare doing the cleansing during my work days because if you have to go, it's tiada maaf bagi mu... Cannot tahan I tell you if you  have to GO... The PHYTO fiber will have to wait for weekends.

You must be wondering what's with my Arman's photo.. 

Arman is the lucky one among his siblings, in term of entertainment in the family in mean. When Ayu (now 18 years old) was born, we couldn't provide her as much toys and luxuries that any parents dream of giving. She did have some and one of her favorites was the puzzles. Spending a lot of time playing with puzzles contribute to her mathematical brain... Urmmm, well, she is no Einstein but Math is her specialties. 

I do believe whatever field that you want your kids to be good at, you have to expose the activities to them from young. When Arman started walking, his grandparents bought him a toy golf club set. And I was so amazed of the way he swung the club (plastic!). His body, his knee bend, his arms, his twist and hit... He could really do a perfect golfer's swing. How did he do it?? He's been watching the pro do it since he was 2 months old!

I wish I have a photo of Arman swinging one of his toy golf clubs... 

When Arman was two months old, my mother in law offered to look after him while I went to work. By the time we reached my in laws' place at 8am, Arman was ready for a whole day of fun with his grandparents. I bathed him early and provided freshly pumped breast milk ready to be fed to him, every single day. 

One of their routine activities was watching golf tournaments on the sports channel. You might not believe this but Arman was picking up tips from the games and yeah, he was stuck with sports channel, seldom cartoons whenever he was with my father in law. He'd be on his stomach on his grandparents' bed and my father in law would sit on a chair next to the bed and the both of them will be watching game after game, all throughout his first year of growing up. 

By the time he could walk and talk, he'd be commenting on the birdie, par this, par that,.. all sorts or golfing terms and my father in law can just chit chat with this little one of mine and believe it, he was hardly 3 years old.

And at that age (maybe earlier..) I introduced to him the board game chess. Kids catch up and learn very fast... He loves the game. He'd bring the board around and paster on any of us to play with him. Nowadays he plays the game on our family computer, and he'd go back to the board from time to time. Chess is one of my favorite past times too, when I was very young.. Now, no time liawww.... My father introduced to me the game when I was very very young and since we didn't have other toys/tv games to entertain us, playing chess with my dad & twin sis was actually a lot of fun as I remember it. 

6 year old Arman in 2010

4 months old Arman in 2004

Being parents is not easy. But you can make it easy. When I was growing up, I hear a lot of swearings left & right.. when I started having kids, I held in those harsh and obscene words. If I have uttered those bad words in front of my kids (since they're young) like it's a casual thing to do, then I am sure my kids would also think that it is OK to just say those offensive words in public. I'm not saying I don't say them at all, I will say it in my heart or if I am very very angry and upset, I will say one ugly word with my teeth clenched! Hee heee... you don't want to see me angry. 

Show them and teach them the good things from young. They will not be perfect children but at least your ear wouldn't burn from hearing those harsh words coming out of their mouth. Arman is in the process of learning how to play the guitar, with practise, he'll be writing and singing for his mama :)

Arman with his Kak Ayu's Ibanez

Ayu plays the piano, she taught herself to play the guitar 
(with her dad's guidance)


Anonymous said...

Baby Arman has big eyes!

Coffee Girl said...

Ayu dah boleh jadi the next Yuna! :-) cute na siii Arman ya.

Kenny De said...

boleh polah band camtuk.hehe! kelak kta sma busking di india street.hehe

Ida Athanazir said...

:) *mulakan dgn senyum*

Yup, big round eyes Arman has.

Coffee girl, thanx dear. Ayu loves music, i think that also helps a lot with her study

Kenny de, Ayu ada band dak nya ria masa school. Now she's with the band in Uni.

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