Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sarawak Malay Weddings

Weddings don't happen often but when it does, it sometimes clashes with other programmes we've planned much much in advance. My hubby and I are invited to attend a friend's wedding scheduled on 31st Oct, next Sunday. I wish I could go but duty calls. My team and I are organizing the Kids Halloween Costume contest on the same day and I'm afraid I will miss Azhar & Asma's big day.. But sayang is going, he wouldn't miss it for the world! Azhar and my hubby were classmates ever since they were in primary school, all the way till they were in Form 5.

congratulations Azhar & Asma

I love our weddings in Sarawak. One particular special event in a Sarawak wedding is the Makan Nasi Temuan... It's sort of like a race between the bride and groom of who could feed oneself with the nasi minyak the fastest. It is always very exciting to watch as sometimes when the bride and groom are supposed to feed one another to see who could do it the fastest! Imagine the groom shoving the nasi minyak in his fore fingers into the brides's mouth, and vice versa! As I've witnessed several times, usually 'accidents' happens, instead of the mouth, rice grains went straight into the nose...! *LOL*

the pelamin with a modern touch in a rented public hall

Most weddings are held in public halls these days.. Community halls, hotel banquet halls and some family even rent school halls. The weddings are private and mostly are upon invitations only. The halls are simply much more convenient to accommodate the crowd and you wouldn't have to clear & clean as you would have in your own home. 

Some families still prefer to do weddings at home. When I was young, I think I only went to one or two weddings that were held in public halls. Most wedding receptions I attended (with my mom) were held at the family home, and I actually miss that experience. Don't forget the food part now... Those days family members would get together as early as the night before the wedding to cook the food that are going to be served to hundreds of guests. Uncles, aunts and cousins gather at the backyard busy stirring huge pots of rice, karis, veges.. Ladies in the living room would be hovering over the pelamin to do finishing touches. More ladies in the kitchen would be busy preparing the bunga telor & loads of food for family members who come to help. 

food served in halls are mostly catered 

Marini, the blushing bride :)

emcee on the mic (my mother in law) was announcing the Nasi Temuan race is about to begin..
"Ready you two...??"

Round One.. Seri Satu Sama :D

Round Four.. *Careful... Watch It Sayang.. my nose.. my nose!*
-i forgot who won-

ayu & seri with their aunt marini

The basic traditional elements of a Malay wedding always brings me back to my childhood days where weddings are normally organized in family homes. The home cooked dishes are always the best, but catering have been a much preferred options. It is considered expensive but, it's easy. You call, book, choose the menu and walla! They even serve the food for your guests. 

At home, we all would be seated on the floor, chit chatting bout how many kids each of us has. And waiting patiently to be called by the ones in charge of lunch to proceed to the ready served food outside the house under a shade/canopies. 

crowds gather in front of the pelamin (where the bride & groom are seated) to catch a glimpse of the pengantin (bride & groom)

home cooked nasi minyak, daging masak hitam, sambal tumis, kari ayam 

the yummy (seriously!) nasi minyak and its dishes

my slippers in a small plastic bag

When I attended Suha's brother's wedding few months back, I was greeted with warm welcomes by her family members at the entrance and before I entered their home, I was handed a small plastic bag to keep my shoes/slippers. This is to encourage ourselves to keep our own shoes with us because there would be hundreds of pairs of slippers & shoes at the entrance if we all decide to leave them at the entrance before entering the house. 

the bunga telor

we are always amazed by the bride's beauty, not to mention the grooms handsomeness in traditional baju melayu

with dear friend/colleague Suha
-I remember that it was a very very hot day, we were both piling oils on our face-

Hmmm.. the nasi minyak is really making me hungry but it is not healthy if taken too frequently. I seldom go to kenduris nowadays where they serve this traditional Malay dishes but when I do go, there is not stopping me of having seconds. OMG! I love the daging masak kari with nasi minyak... *leleh air lior*   sigh

Maybe I could ask sayang to tapau me the nasi minyak from Azhar's wedding...... no? Aiya! Gonna miss it. And I will sure miss seeing our friends there. Well, next time lah. 


Asma Jalalyna said...

Marini Zaidi... heheheeeee... my schoolmate... tp mek xtauk nya da nikah... ria ada bc rah status kwn mek but dunno bila nya nikah...

f.i.e.z.a said...

oooowwhhh sama ta duak sis suka makan dagin kari ngan nasik minyak.lileehhhhhhh aek lior!

Ida Athanazir said...

Asma, ktk kenal Marini? haha.. small world. Sweet orgnya kan? and so lah lemah lembut :)

Fieza, mun daging ya ada lemak lemak sikit lah paling nyaman owh?? :P

Anonymous said...

Seronok nye jadi raja sehari :)))

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