Friday, October 22, 2010

Nuts Over Mirrors

ayu & seri


hani, ayu & arman

hani & seri

What is it with us women with camera, mirror & blog/facebook? This post is proof of the self-amused activity that's been making our household goin' nuts when walking by jumbo mirrors. Fitting rooms are our major weaknesses... And washrooms. 

Urrm... guys shouldn't be doing this. You will look, vain. I mean the idea of snapping your photos while facing the mirror, trying to capture your own reflection (in the best angle) would only mean that you're putting efforts to control your body posture and how broad (and silly) you should smile. Women do that, not guys. 

If guys were to do that, I think not cool lah. Unless you snap yourself in the silliest pose with your tongue sticking out trying to reach for your chest. *LOL* Women being (a bit) vain is an okay thing, don't you agree?? *girls agreeing* :)

my baju :)

my hair!! to chop or not to chop...??

the shampoo

One of the advantages of being (a little) vain (snapping self pic) is we're able to share fashion tips and ideas with readers. I'm so hooked to this photo snapping frenzy. Can really tell stories  and I'm loving it!

*should I start a novel?* -thinking- *should I cut my hair?* -thinking-

I wear this super comfortable checkered shirt to work today and yes, I have another in purple. Hmm... I have quite a few tops in pairs. If I like the design, I'd buy them in pairs. Saving me the headache of thinking what-to-wear-in-a-week.. Three designs in doubles, that's six tops! One week of thinking-what-to-wear unnecessary stress out the window. Yipppyyy...!!

Wearing smart casuals to work is one of the best things that I love about my job. As long as I look presentable and most importantly, fully covered! We're not done yet.. The shampoo. I'd like to share, still got time? I mean space... Must share.

I started using Dove Damage Therapy shampoo a week ago and what I like about this shampoo is that the texture is just like a silky lotion. Not only it nourishes your hair, for me in particular, I need not use too much of it because I get enough foam and I do feel because of the silky texture, the shampoo glides smoothly on my hair that it doesn't feel like soap. Some shampoo you may need to apply more onto your hair because you need to run your fingers in your hair and without enough shampoo, you will experience the rough (soapy) feeling between your hair & hands. But with Dove *this is my favorite part*, you don't have to use so much and that can only mean one thing and one thing only, more savinggggssss!! :D

The checkered is still in, no? All of us girls in the family love it. Ayu has one in blue and Seri bought herself one in brown/maroon. You like? I really really sayang mine.. Wear it to the movies, makan-makan, to my events and I would even sing & dance in my checkered shirts. Speaking of dance, I managed to do two posts tonight. OooolaLa... I am so good to my blog these days. Well done Ida. Earlier, I posted something about Sasha Bashir dance journey. If you like know more, visit the post published before this one.

Till then.. good night ya'll ~_~  :)

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Monica said...

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most snapped of them all?

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