Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nasi Lemak for Paris

looks staged but what you see is what you will get..

That is the Nasi Lemak with Buttered Chicken, must come with 3 slices of cucumber and a generous serving of deep fried peanuts & anchovies. Some requested for sunny side up, some preferred the egg yolk to be cooked through... 

"Want more peanuts.. no pusuk please." 
--- "Pusuk only, no peanuts for me." 
--- "Less rice." 
--- "More sambal."
--- "Little bit of sambal only.. too hot."
--- "Can hutang??" .........What do you think I am? Bank Sarawak?!

No, I am not the Bank of Sarawak, I was Ida who sold the Nasi Lemak with Buttered Chicken/Kari Ayam. Yes, I am very proud to tell you that the above serving is of my own creation. During weekends, I would spend hours preparing for the sambal nasi lemak for a week's supply (some customers order my sambal separately, I receive a lot of compliments on my sambal). And fried kilos of peanuts and anchovies so I wouldn't have to be bothered about running out of these 'must have'. It was pretty tiring... No help, with a baby (Arman just turned one) to take care, food  & stuffs to prepare for my little business... huuu... Not easy but I did it, for almost one year. 

Nasi Lemak - RM3.00
Nasi Lemak with Butter Chicken - RM4.00

I would wake up at 4am and began my cooking marathon.. I must be done by 6:30 am. Nasi lemak, ayam berempah kari, spaghetti & its sauce, potato pies, plain cupcakes (sometimes). Then making sure I pack everything... and if Arman wakes up crying I would try to calm him down because I was still busy with a huge wok of chicken and sayang was on the road driving my girls to school. Sometimes I had to pick him up, hold him in my arm and stirring hot dishes at the same time. He wants his milk. 

Milk... *shaking head* How did I do it?? I am feeling overwhelmed now just thinking about it *feel like crying* During that short 2 hours, I spared some moment to pump fresh breast milk to accompany little Arman when he's at his grandparents' while I go to 'work'.

-taking a break. all these memories are making me sad-

I worked with a private firm before I decided to do my little business, was trying to look for better income. Syukor alhamdulillah that I am blessed with a loving husband that all our financial constraints were just one of those little problems in a marriage. I never really cooked for a lot of people all by myself but if you put all your heart and soul into the project, sure you will succeed. I'm glad I did it, experienced it. 

Dreaming of travelling around the world, even KL is somewhat out of reach for me. I must be dreaming to even dream, you think selling Nasi Lemak can get you to Paris?? No... I didn't sell Nasi Lemak to put away enough money for trips around the world, it was for our family's daily expenses. England, Australia, Rome... those can wait. I am happy to be stuck here, really, I don't mind. If I spend the money that I don't actually have, how am I supposed to pay for my kids' school fees in years to come? We have enough debt to keep us occupied, I can live without Japan :) 

When I browse around on other blogs, most of them have travel experiences to share with their readers. I don't. The furthest I went was to Limbang.. and Singapore (1995). To some, flying to KL is just like taking bus trips to Sibu. I have not gone to KL for the past 11 years, how I'd love to go. I would lurvvve to travel, see the other parts of the world, experience their weather and sample different kinds of (halal) food. Then come back blog (brag) all bout it!!

Sayang goes for meetings to KL like almost every other month, sometimes monthly. Would love to go and accompany him but I just don't have the heart to leave our kids behind, while 'taking time off'. I know a couple who went on a Europe tour for 3 full weeks and left their four kids behind, I don't think I would be able to enjoy myself, eating great food abroad while thinking what the kids are having at home with the maid.   

That day will come, when I'll be packing (as little as possible) for KL and return to Kuching with 10 boxes of new clothes & shoes :)) *sayang pengsan reading this* LOL

Twin Sis Ina came by to say hi and we rocked the restroom's jumbo mirror!

I wear one of my classic kurungs today.. I have not worn a baju kurung to work since Hari Raya. After doing the Classic Kurungs post, I thought it'd be nice to wear one today :)

happy mode back on :D


[z@ck] said...

nak rasa nasi lemak sis!

Wan Sharif said...

satu pengorbanan yang mulia.. untuk terus menyumbang kepada tabung keluarga.. menjauhi berbelanja lebih dari apa yang kita miliki..
menjauhi dari beban hutang yang akan menghantui keharmonian rumah tangga.. did not I tell you that you are one smart lady..

Mia's Mom said...

Salam Ida :-D

You are a pillar of a woman, Sis! And you are right - We were separated with our two elder children during the earlier part of my studies, and it was so... sad and unsettling. Like you, ours is also very close-knit family - It is not enjoyable until all six of us are together.

RaMa-RaMa Fareeza said...

super duper mom...:D

AinnalinaRamdzan said...

Admire u sis.... (",)

Ida Athanazir said...

Zack.. mai dtg sarawak, kita masak :)

Wan.. tq, what a compliment! Tak tau nak cakap apa. We all try and do our best as parents.

Mia's Mom.. im just wondering how brave you must have been. Have to focus on ur studies and missing the love of your life at the same time

Fareeza.. super duper?? sampai tak terbutton baju kadang2 ;p

Ainnalina.. welcome to the world of blogging. Tq lil sis

Tiq said...

*waves* hi Ida ! please to meet u!

besok kamek balit Kch..mok try Nasi Lemak Buttered Chicken kitak lah hehehe..

Ida Athanazir said...

*waves back*

pleased to have you here dear.

haha.. i dont jual anymore sayang.. but you can try making the butter chicken yourself. The recipe is in my blog. Search for 'buttered everything'

Ida Athanazir said...

ooppss... The title for the recipe is Sharing A Recipe. That's what you should search for. cheers! :D

Dari dalam diri Shida Myra Raihana said...

satu pengorbanan yang sangat mulia....insyallah Tuhan akan membalasnya dengan 1000 kebaikan....

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