Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mission to Accomplish

*gulp* ---RM239

No.. it's not for me. It's for my Information counter staff. HalllO...! Peng liaww if all I do is shop. I'm still very very sane ya'll and please, knock me in the head if you think I'm starting to go crazy (over shopping).

I have a little project I need to accomplish.. Uniforms for my two new staffs. At first I was thinking to have them wear kurungs as their uniform but we decided a jacket/blazer with black pants are more suitable. 

Typical.. where are these things when you really need them??

Kuching isn't big, not many choices of boutiques & shopping malls that you can go shopping for certain particular office attire. I did come across very good quality fine looking blazers but they were too costly. These two that I chose yesterday were the best options.. Gray and considered inexpensive for the qualities. I first asked the sales person if I could take photos of the blazer, they were kind enough to let me pose :)


The Executive

My boss has the final say, so I emailed these shots to him and until now.. no decision yet. Earlier, I went to a popular tailoring boutique in town and the best they can quote me was RM250 per piece. I want to keep my options open so that's why I started going on a survey for ready to wear. That's done, now........., it's makan time :)

Sayang feels like Fish & Chips, that's one of his favorites.. alongside Nasi Kandar :) We were at The Spring so we decided to go to the Manhattan Fish Market. There is only one branch here in Kuching, but still, the place is not as packed as I expected it to be at lunch. At one point there was only us dining. 

Whenever we go to eat at the Manhattan Fish Market, I usually just have the Fishing Net from the kiddies menu. It's cheaper and it is enough to feed my cravings for fried food. But urmm.. I noticed the serving is slightly lesser than usual.. or is it just me??  

My Fishing Net from the kiddies menu

Sayang's adult's serving

Next - our nuttiness for the jumbo mirrors! 

me &  my 16 year old Seri *RoCK bebehhh*

Seri was itching to spend her money. It is her money and she's been going back and forth and mumbling whether or not she should get the MNG skinny jeans. They look fabulous on her and of course I didn't want to miss the opportunity of snapping few pics of us in the fitting room. Well yes, she bought the jeans. 

Speaking of MNG jeans, I can't get into mine anymore. They are now in Hani's safekeeping. Too small for me now as I've grown bigger, to M size. "I like it you have more flesh now honey." Sayang had said to me. 

I better keep my size to the current, if not, I'll have to go out shopping for larger size outfits. We do not want to spend unnecessarily now, do we?

Ok sik mak? ok sik?? 
Okay.. go buy lah if not, you wouldn't sleep tonight
Purchased! Mission accomplished.. 


Anonymous said...

The bottom jacket is better kak.

Wan Sharif said...

Anak rock ...ikut mak nya kot..

Kenny De said...

rocka bebeh! im still thinking to change my dress up for 2011.haha

Gallivanter said...

Shopping for someone else? I think I can do that!

Unai said...

Hi, tumpang lalu here. Unai

Ida Athanazir said...

Wan... dulu skolah myb I ROCK :P

Kenny... tukar, jgn sik tukar. Kak ya if rasa sik ngenak tukar agik!

Gallivanter... if it wasnt' for my staff, i wouldn't do it. It was fun though..

Unai... thanx for dropping by :D

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