Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Intimate Routine

Uhh! Think I'm down with something. I shouldn't be sitting here too long *sigh*, the only  time I'd really let myself rest is when I'm sick. Luckily the next event would only be on next coming weekend, so, I'll be doing bits and bits of paperwork at the office because it is kinda therapeutic...

Speaking of therapeutic, I've been on a new kind of intimate (with myself) routine for the past 5 weeks. I love it! I'm seeing the result that I want and the twice a day routine is fun, because my skin is making me feel absolutely fabulous! I still use the Olay day cream, for its UV protector. Other than the Treatment Essence, I also use the Cellumination Cream & Facial Treatment Repair C. I use L'oreal facial toner and cleanse with Olay facial wash. To have a complete range of SK II is out of the question for now, damn expensive!

Purchasing SK II has its reward :)

I shopped at Parkson and I earned RM70.00 worth of shopping vouchers. And few of the vouchers expire tomorrow so today, I got myself some new underwear. 

believe it!! These 2 sets of bras & panties cost me only RM70.20 
(I used my RM70 shopping vouchers plus a 20cents)

Ever since I reached puberty, I've always been using the brand T******. A bit expensive but the quality is there and definitely lasting... until last year. Don't really remember how I decided to use another brand. (??) I think that time Pierre Cardin lingerie was having a super sale and I was in dire need of new bras. They were selling less than RM100 for 2 pairs! And since then, I never looked back. The quality is as good and when they're on sale, (which the only time that I'd pay a visit to the PC corner) they are very very affordable. The material is so very comfortable and the panties don't stretch out and they stay in shape for a very long time. I am intimately satisfied with Pierre Cardin's lingerie. Superb quality and inexpensive.

Oh! my hair is looking so dry.. i was advised (while sitting at the counter) by one of the shopping complex's salon owners to pamper myself. To pamper my hair. I would only pick one. My face of my face!

My new Information Counter staff reported for work few days ago and before that, me & my colleagues had to rotate to sit at the counter.

"The washroom is over there sir.."

"Pharmacy is one floor up.. tq."

"Money changer is downstairs, round the back."

"Food court?? Opposite shopping mall madam..."

"Supermarket is downstairs and the ATM machine is right under the escalator..."

I have a list of most frequently asked questions for my new staff. Her job is not hard at all,  very very easy. As you can see from the above photo, whenever it's time for my shift, I'll have myself equipped with few reading materials. Mostly magazines. I love articles specially in Marie Claire & Glamour magazines. Sometimes I'd bring the notebook down from the office but I still prefer reading. 

Last month I watched 4 movies in a single sitting while doing an 8 hour shift (we rotate a minimum 3 hour shift per person at once). Everyone was still on Hari Raya leave, so I had to cover the whole shift on that particular day. It's part of my job, and I get paid doing it! Are you kidding me?? Watching movies and get paid for it..?!

But, in all honesty, it is not that easy just sitting there you know.. I mean, if don't have anything to read or a computer to accompany you. People/tourist would come over to the counter sometimes and ask for directions. Other than answering queries, it's quite tiring just sitting there and you can really get bored, to death! And yeah, I am always tired and it has started taking its toll on my skin..... I do notice that my skin looks better now, much much better. I'm 37, it's the perfect timing to really start taking extra extra care of my skin. I'm so glad I decided to start using the SK II. It doesn't happen overnight, you need to be very discipline and follow the beautician's instruction on how to use the products. 

..Then you're on your way to Miraculousness.. haahaa... Good night *throat feels soar*


Anonymous said...

I hear some people are allergic to the SKII product. But most of my friends achieved the result that they like. It is one of the best products in the market.

Coffee Girl said...

Best eh... can i take over ur shift for a day at the info counter, and still get paid what im being paid now? hehe. SKII mahal giler... always wanted to try also but bila la hooo

Ida Athanazir said...

Coffee girl, i thought a bout using SK II really hard.. Like in few months, have to buy second bottle/jar.

But I know I dont spend on other things. I do, on work clothes and shoes, and FooD! I seldom buy makeup and going to salon is like once in a blue moon. Mahal, but berbaloi :)

Dinda said...

I'm also thinking about taking up SK ii.

Ida Athanazir said...

Dinda.. the first month u can see result already.

Coffee Girl said...

what's the result like? ur skin really transparent kah (translucent)?

Ida Athanazir said...

sik lah juak translucent.. I think it's clearer. And definitely smoother :)

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