Sunday, October 3, 2010

Idola Ratu Kebaya 2010 judge

Saturday Morning Breakfast with Sayang.. so so relieved. Still very tired, but relieved :) Makan time!!

Are you kidding me??! I've been asking myself what else to write.. running out of subject, ideas, piece (cyehhh.. bunyi reporter! LOL)... I actually have a lot to write about. 

*ketinggg!! a light bulb appeared above my head*

I am an event organizer. I basically do the whole coordinating, delegating, seek sponsorhips... and by the time I do the emceeing, my fellow colleagues just need to execute their own tasks. Few days ago, I was sitting staring at my blog and thinking what would be my next post.

Friday night, 1st Oct 2010, we had the Miss TALENT competition. It's a subsidiary title to New Sarawak Tribune Idola Ratu Kebaya 2010. I managed to organize the whole thing in one week; secured sponsorships by a body slimming company via emails & phone calls only! I was lucky because they were in the midst of re-branding so the timing was perfect for them and they needed the publicity. 

Only god knows how relieved I am that the whole thing is over. Phewww..!! It wasn't only Miss TALENT that I had to organize that night, the Malam Raya Kebaya Singing Contest was done on the same night at the same event. 2 contests at one event.. All these gorgeous ladies sang and danced the night away. It was so entertaining and we all had so much fun at the Kuching Waterfront.

  New Sarawak Tribune - 1.10.2010
Sponsorship Handing Over from 
Beauty Esteem S/B (formerly know as Unisense) & Nescafe.. to me! :)

Friday, 1.10.2010, 10am ~ Rehearsal

Friday, 1.10.2010, 7:30pm ~ The event


crowd~ tourists were among the audiences 

Malam Raya Kebaya Singing Contest participants

Miss TALENT/Idola Ratu Kebaya 2010 finalist

I did a little bit of q & a with each of them

winner of the Raya Kebaya Singing Contest, tq Nescafe

winner of Miss TALENT, tq Beauty Esteem S/B (Unisense)

Best kebaya recipient 

Miss TALENT, Erlin

Saturday, 2.10.2010, 7:30pm ~ Idola Ratu Kebaya 2010

The Idola Ratu Kebaya 2010 was organized by the New Sarawak Tribune & Utusan Sarawak. I was invited as one of the judges and it was held at E-mart Kuching. Not easy you know to judge 8 beautiful ladies! But it was not hard to decide on the winner.. 22 year old Sharifah Fadila Wan Ahmad deserved it.

she also won the Miss Photogenic & Best Kebaya titles

top winners from left, our Miss TALENT, Miss FAVOURITE, Idola Ratu Kebaya 2010 (also Miss Photogenic & Best Kebaya winner) & 2nd Runner Up (far right).

momento - with fellow judges & winners

Congrats Sharifah Fadila!


Jalalyna A. said...

owhhh patut mek nangga cdak tok meramei kubah ria... duhalll... kck2 jk cdak ooo...

Coffee Girl said...

Kitak organise kakya jadi mc juak? wahseh... aku amatlah tercabar. hahaha. aku setakat organise dan coordinate, mun nak jd mc juak, kecut perut ku. takut saruk! haha. tapi kan... aku terror delegate part mc ya ngan org lah. hahaha. tabik ngan kitak!

ku rasa kitak patut menang Idola Kebaya ya, walaupun kitak sik pakei kebaya. hehe.

Alv0808 said...

Wah..Ratu Kebaya. I wored a simple kebaya only..hehehe..on occasion

Anonymous said...

Cantik lah the winner kak. Memang padan dengan title.

nc said...

i love McDonald's breakfast..hehe

ur an event organizer? wow..that is a great job..and a handful too right?
the kebaya looks great.. i wish i have the figure to wear one hehe

hasrul hassan said...

i wonder .. kat Sarawak kan ... memang ada kebaya ehh? tak pernah lagi nampak secara real .. :) maksud saya dipakai oleh orang Sarawak .. byk yang pakai orang semenanjung yg duk sarawak

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...


Ida Athanazir said...

Jalalyna A, nang kacak. specially the winner, senyum manis abis!

hahah.. jenaka u Coffee girl, i ratu kebaya!?? dah lanjut umur lahhh! ya, have to be MC, tak da org lain yg dpt buat. So, i have to do it walaupun perut and kepala kecut.

Alvo808, i prefer ordinary kurung. My badan slalu turun & naik so kebaya is a bit risky.

nc.. yeah, it is a very handful job but loads of fun :)hmmm.. me too. I feel uncomfortable in kebaya coz ur body has to be tip top to be in one!

Hasrul.. oh ya..Org sarawak also love to wear kebaya. For us here memang dah biasa, mcm org semenanjung jugak. We wear to weddings and festive occasions.

Willie.. tq. :)

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