Thursday, October 21, 2010

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I love these photos with fellow bloggers Fieza & Nieza. Been searching for them in my computer because I forgot where I kept them. I wanted Fieza to email to me again but... malulah nak mintak O_0 , so I searched and searched and vowed that I will put them up in a post even if the photos are already 5 years old! 

My team and I were having the Mother's Day Mother & Daughter Lookalike contest in May this year and these two beautiful young ladies just came out of nowhere! So excited that I got to meet them in person... They were visiting the Watsons in the shopping complex checking out Siti Nurhaliza's new makeup line. Would love to get to know them better, hopefully we'll have the opportunity to go out together, eat and talk talk talk! One thing for sure, I am gonna ask Fieza where she learned to do her makeup! If you notice in her blog, Fieza has the skill to apply makeup neatly and in sync with her outfits. And she loves purple.. That's why I was so excited about these photos, because I too was so pleased with the backdrop for the event that day. All purply and pinky :) Looks so girlie & pretty.

Nieza & Fieza are best friends but me & Nieza have a special connection.. Hahahaa... I want her car plat! You know why?? It is because we share the same birthday and when I bumped into Nieza at Fieza's house few months ago, I couldn't help but wonder why Nieza's car plat number looks so familiar.. Well yAAa!! The digits  resembles my (our) birthday. But urmm.. of course, she is much much younger than I am and her skin is so much smoother than mine. So fair lah this girl! 

Keep on blogging you guys.. :D


I've known Sandra (below photo: seated centre) for quite awhile. We even worked at the same company about two years back. She blogs a lot about food.. I don't know how she's able to maintain that body with those 'eating adventure'. 

She came to our house at this year's Hari Raya and brought along another ex-colleague (Jessica; seated far right) of ours with her sweet little daughter. I'd like to see her with more kids in the future... being a working mom and a lady whose always looking dressy-with-complete-makeup-on is not easy. And by the look of how she handles her little girl, she would still maintain her stylish look even if she has three more kids around her. I wouldn't have the energy to put on makeup like how she does it. Rock on Sandra!! ;)


I've found the one good thing to come out of this whole credit crunch is that it has forced me to take a long hard look at my spendings. Though I seldom spend that much on clothes but I thought I can still try to manage it even better. I'm a girl and buying nothing at all is clearly not an option. 

I purchased this cute white top at a reject store. Would you believe me if I told you it only cost me RM7!! Yes! You heard me... RM7 only. I also have one in brown. The material is a very good quality mixture of cotton & linen. It's actually a branded item but somehow it ended up in a reject store/shop. Urrmmmm... it's best that I don't mention the brand, no? Yeap, I better keep my 'fingers' to myself. 

I wore these outfits to work today.. photos taken at 6:30am!!

Then of course, I would not be wearing this arm-showing top just like that. Sayang wouldn't let me.. "Looking sexy aren't we today??" is what my hubby would always ask before I put my jacket or cardigan on, if I choose to wear something eye-catching or simply too-sexy to him. So today, I put on my knee length dark green cardigan my mother in law bought for me. -Equals- happy hubby :)

I love wearing white. The colour makes me feel... somehow, productive? And clean and confident. But I don't buy much whites theses days. I would opt for colours sometimes when going to work, doesn't really matter to me. What's important is my clothes are comfortable, up to date (YES; don't want the auntie auntie look), simple, clean lines and inexpensive. If they are expensive, I think I'd be too worried wearing them while I run from one shopping complex to another... from one venue to the next that requires me to walk 1 km in the sun. Hmmm.. the walking & working part wouldn't stress me out, the worrying-bout-the-delicate-outfit will actually bog me down. 

The objective is to go to work happily (with a happy hubby driving you), comfortable (because you have on a chic but super cheap top- SATISFACTION) and you're always ready to perform your routine tasks with a huge smile on your face.


I would love to take this opportunity to thank Sarawak Bloggers for welcoming me to their community. Join Sarawak Bloggers on FB today!

Sarawak Bloggers We'd like to say a huge welcome to Ida, a local Kuching blogger. She joins us with a wonderful in-depth blog, and she is daring when she blogs. Check out the post about purchasing undergarment... Yes, that daring... Anyway, to Ida, welcome!

Thank You Sarawak Bloggers!


Cyril Dason said...

Actually... to join Sarawak Bloggers, you need to register with us by filling in the application form :-)

Well, welcome to the community, and what we always encourage is to put a face to a blog. BTW, nice blog title :-)

Cyril of the Sarawak Bloggers Core Team

n i e z a said...

kak ida, i was actually aiming for 2606 for my plate number tp dh dibeli org so just have to settle with what i have right now. tp nang best nemu sumone sama bday ko. we should start a group in fb. hehe..

Ida Athanazir said...

Cyril, thanx so much for the support..
Yeap, must fill up form you guys. Senang aje! Then you 'll be on your way to becoming the elite member of Sarawak Bloggers :D

Nieza, hey.. that's a good idea. But sik dpt tapok lah b'day owh?? Like me tok, nang much older than you are. Ngeh ngeh ngeh.. The Oldest 26 Juney person in the group :p

Anonymous said...

Cute lah the pink & purple balloons.

FaRiZa said...

waaa bestnya..

can I join Sarawak Bloggers eventhough I'm a Sarawakian residing in KL?

jeles nangga kitak orang bonding... huhuhu

Ida Athanazir said...

Fariza, you can go to Sarawak Bloggers blog and send email to them. Sik berani eh takut kmk berik salah infor..

anyways, thanx for stopping by dear. Cheers! :)

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