Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Colour = Happy Events

The last place I want to be at the end of the day is here...

We were on our way back home from my office at Wayang Street yesterday everning.. This &*%@#@ old man just decided to get into our lane, with us still in it! Apa lagi??! His old Proton Iswara hit the left side of our car and the passenger door is just a door now. It only opens up to about 6 inches, that's it. So I had to get to the driver's side to get out of the car. Bummer!! Major Bummer! *Unhappy Event*

..."You rosak, saya pun rosak, kita bikin kreta sendirik lor.."

Convenient aehh? Sayang stressed to him that it was entirely his fault that he should pay for the damage.

..."Lima puloh saya ada laaa...."

I was about to explode, but I kept my mouth shut. My body language was enough to show how upset I was and not satisfied with the ridiculous offer. Sayang discussed the whole thing nicely with him and sayang proposed they go to the police station, do a police report and get the insurance to cover the damage cost. The old man had a more brilliant suggestion * drum-roll, please*...

"You pigi report sama polis lu kenak langgar lari lah."

*LOL* Thinking he could get off the hook just like that? Sayang added, "Kalo saya report hit and run, nanti lu susah hoh. Nanti polis carik lu punya kereta, saya ada no plat." The old chinese man eventually agreed to go to the police station because he only had RM100 with him and sayang wouldn't settle for that amount.

No police report was lodged, he finally agreed to settle 'out of court'. Sayang made appointment with his insurance agent friend and they made their way to a workshop. Repairing the left side of my car will cost the old man a hefty RM600! Wow!! Banyak ituhh.. Kesian him. What to do? I just want my passenger side door to be normal again, so inconvenient having to have to use the driver's side to get to the passenger seat. *sigh* But I am thankful and happy that the both of us aren't hurt, syukor alhamdulillah... Back to work.

list of events *gulp*

World Walking Day with Nestle is open to public 
at the Kuching Waterfront on 21st November 2010 morning

Work.. yup, the never ending subject. If it ends, how am I gonna maintain my lifestyle?? *ehemm!* Joking aehh... 

I already prepared a list of 2011 events to be proposed to our potential sponsors. Most of the 2010 events that I organized are fixed as annual contests/competitions. I just need to add on one or two events each month but I better be careful not to clash dates between three venues; two shopping complexes & one open to public area. We do not want to be running two events on the same date at two different venues now, do we?? Well, I can manage one in the morning and the other one at night but it'd be too stressful. Being too tired would effect the quality of my events, I certainly wouldn't want that. Shoppers'/customers'/sponsors' satisfaction is very very important to me. The objective is to make them enjoy themselves participating in our activities. We do not want unhappy sponsors.. No! No! No!

Let's see... for this month I have the Kids Halloween Costume Contest, hmmm... That would sure be a lot of fun :) Some I hear will come in pontianak costume! Hee heee... And of course the World Walking Day with Nestle in November. Speaking of walking, I have not started that walk yet :/ 

-last week-
maintain senyum although the walls look so so lah damn ugly!
*senyum burns calories you know!*

-this week-
the office walls has a new colour now :) Happy Colour :)
...equals happy events *smiling ear to ear*

If only my legs are typing instead of my fingers. Sitting here all day facing the computer typing almost half the time should burn some calories, no? HaHAA.. you wish :))


Coffee Girl said...

Yarabiiii! banyak juak event next year! tedah kitak. tapi asalkan dapat cover SKII maintenance, ok la ya nak. hehe

AmirFX said...

Aaaa.. Nasib org tua ya kenak keta biasa2 jak.. Mun kenak keta mahal agik bisa palaknya nak mayar... Nway,syukur sekda apa2 berlaku... Mun kenak ngn kmk tek kak ada asanya nangga mata ijo kmk... haha...

Kenny De said...

pasal keta ya: nasib ktk org sik tandah jak gia. nangga jak beza $600 dgn $100??! . lom tambah keta nya mpun..rugi ncr nya mpun.haha

pasal event ya: mun da function perlu performer, kmk dua haizul boleh bah :)

Anonymous said...

Ya la kak, dinding baru tu nampak lebih ceria macam kakak :)

Ida Athanazir said...

coffee girl, hahah!! u'r funny lah.. i think without skii i can still survivi. Olay kan adaaaa...? ;)

amir, mata merah mek dah nak terkeluar dah masa ya O_O

kenny, hmm.. i have a feeling nya sik da insurance (??) ...perform? Eh bolehhh..mun kmk perlu of course i will let you guys know. Tq.

Not just ceria, the walls look very clean and luas!

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