Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hair On The Couch

We are doin' the "I like it on the.." thing at the moment. Super cool, men would be left wondering what the hell is going on with all these women on fb :))

I love the fb.. Reconnecting with long lost friends and even family is simply awesome. The games that come with it i.e. the Farm thing or the Cafe world is just for fun. But I never participated in any of those games, they seem quite addictive from what I gather. I just don't have the spare time to find out what they are actually about. I'd confirm ladies who add me but I'll be selective with men. I would only confirm the people I really know; x-school mates, family or colleagues.

I'm not a fan of chatting, I'd only get on it if I really have important messages to convey. If I'm in the office, I usually chat with my hubby, just to send him simple messages..
* "I'm going out soon to fetch the kids.." 
* "What time you're coming to pick me up?" 
* "We need to stop by at the supermarket on our way home." 
* "Dah makan sayang?" 
* "Still in a meeting??" 
Hee hee.. the usual stuff. And sometimes to let off some steam ;)

Sayang is not around at the moment, but no matter what, getting to school(s) on time is one of  our most important things to do every day of the week. Before that, I'd have to figure out what's for lunch and making sure I'd get back to the office well before 2pm. At some point behind the wheels, I'd glance at the rear view mirror and never fail to find a messy looking hair on my head.

*glancing at the rear view mirror* eergghhh.. my hair!

turn and smile

Oh My God! ------Well, I am snapping a photo of myself (with THAT hair!), what else to Do??! Smile Lah! Mannn, my hair looks a mess.. Arghh. I've to do something with my hair liawww.. Gorgeous Thelma of Hair Do suggested I use their Hair Repair Olive Serum. I got myself a 50ml bottle and I'll start using it on my hair tomorrow. 

Such boring hair I have... oh dear. Flat, dry and dry and dry and lifeless hair *sigh*

I dream of having my hair looking like this

hair do is located on Level 1, Sarawak Plaza Shopping Complex Kuching

When I stopped by at Hair Do to get the hair serum today, I stumbled upon the curling iron that could make my hair looking like this. (again!!) Searched everywhere in Kuching (..well, maybe not EveryWheRE...) for a good quality hair curling iron but couldn't find the one that I could trust my hair with. Was thinking about purchasing one online. *the one sold at Hair Do looks okay, maybe can ask for a discount from Thelma :)*


My sixteen year old Seri is a naturally gifted hair dresser. Getting the Joh Bailey Professional Ceramic Curling Iron would mean a lot of fun time playing with our hair in the house full with women with lots of hair :) Hair! Imagine the amount of shampoo this mummy needs to clean those heads! Don't get me wrong, I love our hair. Thank god we have hair to play with, just that it could be a little bit time consuming getting your hair cleaned and dried while your husband is already in the car waiting impatiently for all the girls in the house to get themselves and their hair out of the door. 

Until I get my hair.. I mean my hands on the curling iron, I shall keep this boring hair of mine for now :) You all take care, ya? Get enough sleep, drink loads of water, set your alarm ON and good night. 

heads full of hair

The curling iron I have my hair.. I mean, my eyes on. 

"I like it on the couch" and it's for a good cause :)


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Wan Sharif said...

OOPs looks hairy to me.. pulling your leg skit.. ha..ha..

CoKeLaT-RaWkZ said...

sis, i sik makei rolling stone ke hapa, takut rambut rusak, i just had myself hair styler, nya dlm bentuk berus rambut ada untuk golong, lurus, melekup ke dalam...hahahaha my xmas gift last year ya... and hair dryer all in one. tp tetap juak sik da masa nak ngurus rambut ujung2 potong square ajaklah.

my rambut mun panjang alu gugur merata rata.

Ida Athanazir said...

Wan, we all girls have long hair coz my hubby won't let us chop our hair. Women and their hair.. huh

C Rawkz, ya, i know the curling iron will lama lama sure spoil the hair. Maybe I too won't have the time to have fun with it but at least if I need to make my hair pretty, I have Seri and the tool to do it :)

Gallivanter said...

Yeah, read about the "I Like it on the" which has affected some of my friends on FB, although I already knew what it's not! Once bitten twice shy! Haha!

Ida Athanazir said...

Gallivanter, it's kinda cute. So good seeing girlfriends respond to it, supporting a good cause.

October 8, 2010

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ida, to me you looking good. Keep that light burning in your heart, and have fun, best regards, Lee.

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Haha! Good luck in taking care of your hair.

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