Monday, October 25, 2010

Food & Hair Dilemma

eating my favorite nasi goreng cina kangkong belacan in 
The Pop Look top

J & J Cafeteria opens its new outlet in Matang recently. Personally, I like the Nasi Goreng Chinese Style served with kangkong belacan. Uhhhh.. so nyaman and the price is so reasonable, only RM3.80! :D *smiling because always satisfied with the food quality, quantity & pricing* 

It's been awhile since we've gone to J & J Cafetria. Menu ranging from all kinds of nasi goreng to western and even chinese style noodles. Arman loves the roti canai there, Hani & Ayu always opt for the Sarawak laksa and Seri likes their Bee Hoon soup. Sayang used to order the mee kari, all the time... no more now. He sometimes orders the yummy tomato crispy mee. I sometimes experience the dilemma of choice eating here because they have a lot of delicious food to choose from. When you're hungry, you just want everything!

We went to UITM Kota Semarahan to visit my darling Ayu on Sunday and we brought her out to lunch and decided to go to J & J Cafeteria Kota Samarahan branch. She has exams  coming up so she's not coming home for the weekend.. So, we went to her. 

I miss my dear Ayu :(

miss our chit chats and laughs

My eldest daughter, 18 year old Ayu

enjoying my temporarily 'permed' hair while I can :)

Did not go to the salon, no I didn't... My colleague commented she likes how my hair curls but I always say my hair is looking like this simply because of its dryness and lack of pampering. I would wash my hair the night before and when I wake up, somehow the 'hair fairy' hit her wand on my head and "PuFFF!!", my hair looks as if I've gone to the salon and had it done. 

Sometimes I would twirl my hair tightly and secure it in a messy bun and guess that's where I get the natural curl/twirl.. but it doesn't last. I like the look and the only way to achieve this look permanently is to do a body perm. I showed this 'sample' non permanent look to my hubby and said to him.."This is the hair style that I want sayang." 

"Don't perm your hair... no need. I like your hair the way it is."

He would say that every time...............

Next time I will try to kempen lagi... *sigh*

Men..., they will never understand us women on our hair dilemma. 


Coffee Girl said...

well... u cud take the risk and go ahead and do it! u never know, kali nya lebih gik suka resultnya kelak! haha. men will never understand... thats right.

btw, ur such a cool mommy! reminds me of the Gilmore Girls.

Ida Athanazir said...

Ha haa.. thanx friend. Thats quite a compliment! I like mummy Gilmore nya coz she's such a clutz and can get a little neurotic when she panics. The daughter can be so calm compared to her mom.

Yeah.. i may just go ahead and do it! :)

Ain said...

my advice- DON'T do it. Perming dries & damage ur hair. Stick to ur natural gorgeous hair. (somehow hubby knows best :p) *i can't believe i said that!

Ida Athanazir said...


but very very grateful for Coffee Girl & Ain's advice.. Means that the two of you care! auwwwww..... tq you two :)

Wan Sharif said...

Better like what you can see now rather than pay some money only to find out the outcome is not as good as anticipated.. kalau sayang suka macam tu.. apa lagi yang nak di dilemma kan...

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

HeLLo Ida,

So Ayu is doing her diploma or degree in UitM Sarawak? I have a lot of friends (lecturers) in UitM. Some of them used to be my colleague when I was lecturing in PPKS.

Lucky you that Ayu did not study in a far far far Uni. She is just a few miles away from you and can be reached by car.

Unlike you, I do not favour J&J. Probably I have different taste from you guys. Hahaha! But I heard that a lot of people would go there for lunch.

About perming your hair...hmmm...For me, if someone has nice hair, perming is not a problem. I like women who take care of their hair because I see beauty through hair. Hahaha! Trust me, i'm not joking.

Ida Athanazir said...

Wan.. tq for the advice. Jarang i do anything without his permission. 'Sayang, can i do it?'
'Hmm...' That would mean yes but no.

Willie.. Yes, diploma. I wouldn't want her to far but if she have to do her degree in Shah Alam, I will just have to let her go.

:D thanx Willie for info... I believe you.

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